Enter Place by Design! SXSW Eco's Public Space Design Competition

Written by Julie Yost | Friday, Jul 19, 2013

SXSW Eco Light Garden by Aaron Rogosin SXSW Eco Light Garden by Aaron RogosinThere's still almost two weeks to enter Place by Design, the first ever design competition for SXSW Eco. Place by Design will highlight projects that transform public space through tactical urbanism, creative placemaking, urban hacking, permanent architecture, digital apps and more. These (sometimes) citizen-spurred and (sometimes) government-enacted initiatives are critical steps to making cities more livable and, as a result, more likely to be maintained.

Our panel of expert jurors will choose 15 finalists and up to three winners to be honored in the SXSW Eco Awards Ceremony. The projects will be on display–some will be represented in physical form, others through digital or physical documentation–at SXSW Eco (October 7-9, 2013). We just blogged about one entry that we love called "It's in the BOX!" by Nick Lavelle, to show a sample of what's likely to come in October. Hurry up and apply now for your chance to showcase your vision for enlivened public space to the SXSW Eco community and for a chance to win!