PanelPicker Finds a Home at SXSW V2V

Written by Christine Auten | Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013

Panel Photo by Marlon Jay Manuel

Community drives SXSW. Since its introduction for the SXSW Interactive Festival in 2007, the two-step SXSW PanelPicker process has played an important role in engaging the community in the event. From entering programming proposals, commenting and voting on those ideas, and highlighting important topics and trends, the SXSW community helps to shape the event through their participation in the PanelPicker process.

To continue that tradition, SXSW V2V is accepting your speaker, mentor, panel and workshop proposals via the SXSW PanelPicker now through Friday, February 7, 2014.

Once the entry process closes on February 7, 2014, we open the interface to public comments and votes. These public responses, along with the recommendations of the SXSW V2V Advisory Board and staff, will help determine what proposals ultimately find their way to SXSW V2V 2014.

For the 2014 event, V2V is looking for advanced-level startup, entrepreneur and early business ideas that focus on one of the following themes:

Business Development and Strategy
Choose this theme for proposals that focus on business models, partnerships, branding and marketing, PR and media outreach, legal issues or concerns, and social media campaigns.

Creativity and Inspiration
This theme will highlight creativity, artistic vision and inspiration, art for art's sake, performing arts and new ideas.

Social and Cultural Impact
Proposals in this theme should cover topics such as business for social good, non-profits, gender and cultural challenges, workforce, hiring and managing talent, office organization and co-working, work-life balance and location.

Ideas focused on bootstrapping, crowdfunding, VC and angel investing, finance and accelerator programs, and grants and non-profit approaches should go under this theme.

Tech Development and Design
This theme will include topics like design, crowdsourcing, hacker / maker / DIY, process, and inspiration from other disciplines.

Policy and Regulation
New to 2014, this theme will explore challenges with regulated industries, government support, policy, and reform.

We look forward to hearing your ideas for SXSW V2V 2014! For questions about the PanelPicker process feel free to email us at

Photo by Marlon Jay Manuel