Registration Deadline Day: Don't Miss Out on the Savings!

Written by Linda Park | Friday, Nov 22, 2013
SXSW 2014 Performers and Speakers

It's registration deadline day! Register by tonight at 11:59 pm CST for some lovely savings on your SXSW experience.

The Music Conference and Festival announced new programming and showcasing artists recently including industrial music pioneer Gary Numan, Talib Kweli, Ballet School, Quantic and more.

SXSW Film has House of Cards and The Social Network producer Dana Brunetti speaking at Startup Alley along with Keynotes Lena Dunham, Jason Blum and Casey Neistat.

Did you hear that Anne Wojcicki of 23andme joined Austin Kleon and Adam Savage in the illustrious list of Interactive Keynote speakers? Be sure to check out the lineup so far.

Film and Interactive Convergence Track, SXsports generated loads of excitement with the announcement of Featured Speaker Jurgen Klinsmann, head coach of the U.S. National Men's Soccer Team.

If all this goodness hasn't convinced you to join us in March, here's what some past attendees had to say...

      "The ultimate irony of SXSW, the world's most celebrated tech conference, was that for me, the most useful and actionable analytics throughout the show didn't come from spreadsheets or data bots, but rather from the human-to-human interactions that we had in our trade show booth and at our launch party with Eco. Seeing the carbon interact with the silicon is what makes events like these so powerful." — Daniel Koopman, Geostellar

      "As has been the case for nine years running now, I met people at SXSW who I will certainly collaborate with this year. I also saw a film that changed my life. It's impossible to overstate how important the festival has been and continues to be for me." — Director Joe Swanberg, Drinking Buddies

      "At the office we spoke daily about the upcoming SXSW Music Gear Expo. Seymour Duncan had never been there before, so the excitement and wonder of what the outcome could be was similar to the anticipation of a first date. As it turned out, our date with Gear Expo went way better than expected. We caught up with two U.K.-based artists, Duologue and The Dunwells, which would have been impossible otherwise and the steady stream of SXSW attendees had seriously insightful feedback that isn’t obtainable at “industry only” trade shows. Needless to say a second date with SXSW is in order."— Scott Marceau, Seymour Duncan

SXSW... a place to meet and share ideas.

Clockwise from top left: Dana Brunetti (photo courtesy of Trigger Street Productions), Gary Numan (photo courtesy of the artist), Jason Blum (photo courtesy of Jason Blum), Ballet School (photo courtesy of the artist), Jurgen Klinsmann (photo courtesy of, Joi Ito (photo courtesy of Joi Ito), SXSWedu speaker Jack Andraka (photo courtesy of Jack Andraka), Anne Wojcicki (photo by Jean Phillippe Piter)