#SXSUBWAY Arrives in Austin

Written by Jessica Weaver | Friday, Mar 7, 2014

SXSUBWAYSUBWAY® is excited to give SXSW attendees a fresh take on innovation!

If you’re looking for a challenge - look no further than the ACC, where you’ll find the #SXSUBWAY Lounge! Check out some interesting “eatovations” and experience unique mind games that will leave you hungry for more!

Need a break? Refuel and recharge at the SXSUBWAY Square located at 4th & Red River to grab some water, recharge your phone, or just relax.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to the SXSUBWAY Square during “snack” hours to sample the chain’s newest menu innovation: the Flatizza™. Throughout the festival, you can snack happy at the SUBWAY® Food Truck and play “Flatizza™ Toss” (aka cornhole) with friends. Various events and giveaways will also be announced in this space.

And if you haven’t spotted their special guest - Jared the SUBWAY® Guy - then you aren’t looking hard enough! When you find him, you will most definitely get a high five and maybe even snap a selfie with the brand’s iconic figure.

Stay connected to all things #SXSUBWAY by following @SUBWAY on Twitter or talk to a SUBWAY® Ambassador at either the ACC or SXSUBWAY Square.