SXSWfm Local Artist: The Roosevelts

Written by Rory Burbeck | Tuesday, Jul 23, 2013

Written by Stefanie Goodman

Hailing from our very own Live Music Capital, country pop-rock duo The Roosevelts released their debut EP, Cold Sheets, this past May after enlisting help from producer Dwight Baker, who has worked with big names like Bob Schneider and Kelly Clarkson. The pair consists of James Mason on guitar and lead vocals and Jason Kloess on guitar, along with bandmates JJ Johnson on drums and Dave Monsey on bass.

Whether it’s their country charm or catchiness that makes The Roosevelts’ lead single, “Everybody Knows,” such a hit, you can’t deny the feel-good mood you’re left in after listening to it. The track is described by Austin Music First as having a “laid back but rehearsed feel that allows the song to come to life when played live.” The music video itself is unique in that they simply “threw a party...and you can’t call it a party unless 95% of the festivities happen in a backyard,” said Mason and Kloess in an interview with All That Matters in Music. The video was a local, fan-based project.

The Deli Magazine described The Roosevelts as “two beautifully bearded men whose songs enrapture listeners in a cloud of feeling and sometimes an uncontrollable need to dance.”

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