The LP Questionnaire V2V Edition - Jesse Kivel of Kisses

Written by Linda Park | Monday, Aug 5, 2013
SXSW V2V Showcasing Artist Kisses

Welcome to the LP Questionnaire, special SXSW V2V Edition, take two! This week and next we'll be featuring many of the fine and dandy talents who will be showcasing in Las Vegas next Monday and Tuesday.

Run, don't walk to Sin City for what's sure to be some innovative good times.

Light and sad and sweet, with an undeniable groove, LA band Kisses are headed to Vegas to get you swaying to their infectious beats.

Singer Jesse Kivel was born in New York but grew up in Los Angeles. Despite his many travels, he has lived in Southern California for most of his life yet is not a big fan of the beach.

Please to enjoy his...

The LP Questionnaire
Name: Jesse Kivel
Do you have any nicknames? J Dog, Jess, J nothing super notable but hopefully I can develop one that will stick soon. T Bone perhaps?

1. Pretend you’re 15. Name three songs you'd put on a mix tape for your girlfriend/boyfriend. It would be the year 2000 for me. I would probably be throwing on Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me", Soul 4 Real's "Candy Rain" and Boyz II Men's "Thank You."

2. Which evil villain would make the best President? Well, I hate to state the obvious but I think an evil villain would not be my top pick for president. With that said, maybe I would go with the Brain in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because he seemed quite smart and overcame many disabilities to get where he was.

3. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? Crusaders was one of my favorites, but I also loved the Nickelodeon cartoons Rugrats and Doug. Those shows helped shape my childhood!

4. What superpower do you wish you had? I just realized on this past tour when we were watching the birds in Jamestown that I would like to fly.

5. What would the title of your autobiography be? Jesse Kivel

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Fire away, lp

Photo by Dustin Hollywood