Music Videos

Body Parts- "Doing Things": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Ryder Bach started Body Parts in 2009. The band, rounded out by Alina Cutrono, Raymond Proudfoot, and Taylor Dexter, fuses Ryder's thoughtful lyrics -- food, language and comfort serve as subjects -- with an angular sense of melody, some Prince-inspired guitar work, and a very effective rhythm section; the result is songs that are just as intellectually demanding as they are imminently danceable. The band is now writing and recording new music under the banner FIRE DREAM.

Empires - "Keep It Steady": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Empires recently finished recording their second full length album, Garage Hymns. The band's self-produced debut album, Howl, garnered a massive amount of attention when they released it on their website back in 2008, and now, with Garage Hymns, Empires feels that they have found the sound they've been searching for all along. "We're definitely more defined than ever," explains vocalist Sean Van Vleet. "We've figured out what works for us as we've played together more, and now the music feels really honed in."

BOY - "Little Numbers": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

BOY - a contagious confection that has spread across the internet like wildfire. The Hamburg-based duo gets your toes tapping, mind playing, feet moving, emotions travelling, head thinking, hips jerking. But above all, they make music that brings a smile to your face. Imagine a mix of the art school elegance of Phoenix, the lively melodics of Feist and the emotional depth of Bon Iver. But to draw such comparisons is superficial and not especially helpful because what you miss is the originality of the BOY concept and the charisma of its two performers.

Black Pistol Fire - "Trigger On My Fire": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Black Pistol Fire is a Canadian Rock and Roll duo that split's time between Toronto, Ontario and Austin, Texas. Their wild and energetic rock-and-roll sound has been described as a mix of classic southern rock and garage punk, garnering comparisons to early Kings of Leon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The White Stripes, and Clutch. It\'s clear that the band\'s sound spans many different eras and subgenres, relying on a classic rock and roll sound that has been updated for our modern times.

The Boxing Lesson - "Better Daze": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

The Boxing Lesson is a rock band from Austin, TX. A power trio with synthesizers performing the bass player\'s role, they create a mammoth psychedelic \'wall of sound\' that begins minimally and builds into grand orchestrations. Vocalist and guitarist Paul Waclawsky, synthesizer player Jaylinn Davidson, and 14-year-old drumming prodigy Ben Redman combine strong songwriting with desert rock, guitar freak-outs, soul space jams and plenty of Texas rock ’n’ roll thunder. Their upcoming Big Hits! LP is produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith.

Gringo Star - "Count Yer Lucky Stars": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Boiling up from the independent musical cauldron Hotlanta has become, here comes Gringo Star with its follow up to 2008\'s critically acclaimed debut, “All Y’all. The band now comes into its own with “Count Yer Lucky Stars, ” a collection of catchy and instantly classic pop music. You won’t be able to stop humming this spate of new and bright tunes, music that lifts the spirit.

Galaxy Express - "Horongbul": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Award-winning trio Galaxy Express formed in 2006 in Seoul, South Korea and immediately began attracting attention with their tightly wound blend of garage rock, punk, and psychedelic sounds and explosive performances. The band released their “Noise on Fire” full-length debut in 2008. The scorching double album was honored as “Best Rock Album” at the 2009 Korean Music Awards and earned the band invites to Taiwan’s Rock in Taichung fest and France’s Le Fete de la Musique.