Demo Listening & Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions


SXSW Demo Listening Sessions offer a unique opportunity for Music and Platinum registrants, as well as Showcasing Artists, to get direct feedback from music industry professionals. Producers, A&R representatives, venue buyers, and publicists will all sit in on various demo sessions.

Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions offer the same sort of feedback from licensing, sync, and music supervision experts. Get a glimpse at the viability of licensing your music for different genres of film, TV commercials and more. You submit your song, tell us what you think it could be used in, and you'll receive honest feedback from our panel.

While not every session will assess every submitted band, you will undoubtedly learn something about how to present your music just by attending.

The 2016 schedules for Demo Listening and Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions will be posted on prior to the 2016 SXSW Music Conference.