SXSW Music Conference Sessions

The 2015 SXSW Music Conference. Photo by Steve Rogers/Getty Images.


The SXSW Music Conference consistently covers a variety of timely topics each year, including copyright, marketing, artist management, A&R, tech, music history, policy and politics, touring and much more.

We will begin announcing sessions and speakers for the 2016 SXSW Music Conference in fall 2015.


The programming team is working hard to build 2016 SXSW Music Conference schedules tailored to specific fields and occupations within the music industry. Check back for more in 2016.


Featured Speakers & Sessions

The SXSW Music and Media Conference Sessions educate and inspire musicians and those who work with them. Speakers share trends, best practices and experiences. Sessions are curated by PanelPicker, Staff and the Advisory Board.


Music Keynote Speakers share insights, advice and experiences. Here are some examples: Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Quincy Jones, Ray Davies, Robert Plant…Get it?

Meet Ups

Meet Ups are sessions typically identified by a skill-set or by a particular interest and can serve as a platform for introducing yourself to new and different tribes that you don't belong to yet.

Demo Listening & Pitch Sessions

Demo Listening Sessions provide artists and registrants direct feedback from music professionals like producers A&R reps, publicists and venue talent buyers. Music Supervisor Pitch Sessions offer the same sort of feedback from licensing, sync, and music supervision experts who provide honest opinions on licensing music to film, commercials, TV and more.

Mentor Sessions

Music Mentor sessions are one-on-one meetings with industry professionals from all aspects of the music business.

Attend Sessions

You must have a SXSW 2016 badge to attend sessions. Music and Platinum badges, as well as Showcasing Artist Wristbands, have access to all Music Conference sessions and most Convergence programming. Film and Interactive badges have access to select Music sessions through Convergence programming.

Photo by Steve Rogers/Getty Images