Music Video Spotlight- FULL OF HELL "Coven of the Larynx"

Written by Kristin Adams | Friday, Aug 23, 2013

Combine a dash of Punk, a sprinkle of Grindcore, a whole lot of badass, and some hardcore, uncompromising youngsters and you'll get this week's Music Video Spotlight band, Full of Hell. Self described as "grinding death in the form of hardcore punk," SXSW Showcasing Artists, Full of Hell took SXSW to a whole new extreme. The four band members made quite a noise at this year's SXSW Music Festival with their track "Coven of the Larynx."

Despite their ominous and raw vocals, their lyrics are quite poetic and cryptic. "Bereft of love, self inflicted. The molded image of a crippled whelp. Marked with a benign crow's foot and wallowing in placidity."

Full of Hell released their LP, Rudiments of Mutilation, through A389 Records, just two months after SXSW in May 2013. The band is currently touring the States. Click here to see if they're coming to a town near you.