Music Video Spotlight- John Baizley "Cocainium"

Written by Kristin Adams | Friday, Sep 6, 2013

From singing lead and playing guitar in his rock band Baroness, to handcrafting album art for famous musicians and bands, Deep South native, John Baizely will blow you away with his many talents. Leaving his band behind, Baizley returned to SXSW 2013 with a raw and pulsing acoustic sound. The beat is enough to put you in a trance, while his powerful vocals awaken you.

In June of 2012, Baizley and his band Baroness released their double album Yellow & Green with Relapse records, which quickly joined various Best of 2012 Albums lists. Sixth on the album is the intoxicating track "Cocainium." See for yourself- view the live SXSW Music Showcase performances of "Cocainium" and "Steel That Sleeps the Eye" at the North Door on our Official SXSW Vimeo channel.

Baroness also released a four-track album "Live at Maida Vale" this past July. Baizley is currently touring around the world with the band and they will be in George, WA this weekend.

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