Pick Three - Mark Kates of Fenway Recordings

Written by Linda Park | Monday, Mar 4, 2013

Mark Kates SXSW Lifer Mark Kates runs Fenway Recordings, is a bitchin' DJ and all around great guy.

He'll be moderating the Music Curation in 2013 panel on Thursday, March 14 at 12.30pm, which looks to be quite an interesting discussion, no?

He'll also be hoping to watch the Tottenham Hotspur v. AC Milan match on the 14th with the Austin Spurs. Hmm… I hope that's after his panel!

He was kind enough to do a Pick Three for us and here ye be...

Pick Three
Action Bronson: Because I want to see if he is as much of a bad ass as he appears.

Chelsea Light Moving: In the words of Sir Edmund Hillary....

DJ Kentaro: Because I loved what I heard last time. 

Peeps be all excited about the Action Bronson. You can catch up with more Pick Three (and its companion, The LP Questionnaire) goodstuffs here.

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