SXSW Music Video Spotlight - Therese Aune "Chameleon"

Written by Kristin Adams | Friday, Oct 18, 2013

This international SXSW Official Showcasing Artist comes to us all the way from Norway. Female vocalist, Therese Aune has a way of taking you and her etherial style of music to another dimension.

Backed by her orchestral band, Therese Aune has toured through Germany and Switzerland with Einar Stray and has played at several festivals including Iceland Airwaves and Popkomm.

Her debut album, Billowing Shadows, Flickering Light was released in the States on August 6 with Red Eye Transit. On that record are dreamy numbers like "Through the Darkness" and "Chameleon" (seen above).

From the dramatic stretched out notes of the violin and cello to the subtle and erie vibrations of the violin bow against the drum cymbal, "Chameleon" combines classical and singer-songwriter genres to create a dreamy abstract affect. The melody is playful, a bit Regina Spektor-esque, changing bar to bar and living up to its title.

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