SXSW Video Spotlight - Bajofondo "Segundos Afuera"

Written by Sam Carolan | Friday, Nov 15, 2013

Mixing modern musical elements with traditional, folk elements is nothing new (review Fairport Convention for one excellent example). As with any mixture, the whole represents more than the sum of its parts while the parts retain their own substantive identity. This same chemistry is present within Argentine/Uruguayan natives Bajofondo and within their most recent album, Presente.

Bajofondo's Tango infused rhythms range from dramatic and frenzied to dulcet and serene, often on the same track, but rarely does it stagnate inbetween. See how they blend in the video above and on their track "Perfume" from their 2008 album, Mar Dulce.

Though no tour dates have been announced for 2014 on their website, expect announcements soon to promote Presente to their ever-growing international audience.

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