Four on the Floor: Compound Band Names

Written by Rory Burbeck | Friday, Feb 7, 2014

These four SXSW 2014 Showcasing Artists go by names that you probably won’t find in the dictionary, but their music is every bit as unique and diverse as their nomenclature. Blending a variety of words and sounds together, the four bands highlighted on today's Four on the Floor are for those of your looking for something a little more unconventional at the SXSW Music Festival.


Coldair is the project of Polish multi-instrumentalist Tobiasz Biliński, combining a wide range of sonic textures including electronic computer-generated sounds, rockin’ guitars, and brass instruments. Coldair released a new album, Whose Blood, this past September.
RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird

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Noisy and vicious in the best possible way, ThinkNoThink have been energizing the Austin music scene since 2011. The rock trio has released a handful of songs and supported Black Joe Lewis on a US tour within the last year.
RIYL: Sonic Youth, The Black Angels

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This hard-hitting punk band from St. Joseph, Missouri is comprised of three teenage brothers: Isaiah on bass/vocals, Solomon on drums, and Dee leading the way with his crunchy guitar and baritone vocals. The young trio has already released a pair of EPs and will be returning to SXSW for a second time in 2014.
RIYL: California X, Parquet Courts

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Ratking’s against the grain persona is helping them carve out their own identity in the rap world. The music produced by this New York hip hop trio represents a melting pot of avant-garde musical influences and attitudes. Ratking combines grimy experimental beats with hard and honest rhyming, as evidenced by their debut EP, Wiki93, which dropped in 2012.
RIYL: Jedi Mind Tricks, Eminem

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Photo credits:
Coldair photo by Dave Idemoto
ThinkNoThink photo courtesy of the artist
Radkey photo courtesy of the artist
Ratking photo courtesy of the artist