Music Speaker Profile: Jack Bradley

Written by Rory Burbeck | Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014

SXSW 2014 Music Speaker: Jack Bradley

Very briefly, what do you do and what is your session about?

I am a partner at a bi-coastal original music/licensing company that caters to advertising clients across multiple media outlets. My session is an overview and hopefully some mysteries solved regarding writing original music for advertising.

How/why did you get started in the music industry?

I started working in the music industry directly from a job at an ad agency, so I went from being the client, to being the guy I used to call to partner with for music. This was an easy choice for me because I've been a musician and music lover since I can remember.

How many years have you attended/spoke at SXSW in the past? If this is your first time at SXSW, what are you expecting?

This will be my 6th year going to SXSW, and my first speaking engagement.

Best thing that’s happened in music in the last year?

I would say easily the best trend I've seen is that brands are more willing and excited than they have been in a long time to commission original music for their spots, rather than license. As for music releases, the most exciting thing I experienced was Big Data's EP "1.0"

Favorite new app/service/tech development in music?

I think the fact that Competitrack has come so far and is really helping us track down moneys from the PRO's is the most exciting thing, because it's SO long overdue.

What’s the biggest issue facing the music business today? Can it be overcome?

Subjectivity, and fear. Impossible to say for sure, but I think if it can't be overcome, it can at least be assisted.

What’s the last live show you saw that floored you?

I saw Rush back in May with my 10 year old son. His first concert. That alone floored me, but even more so was the fact that these three 60 year old musicians played the way they did, and with the kind of energy they created for 3 hours. I hope I have that much stamina at that age.

Favorite moment/weirdest thing you saw from a past SXSW?

Favorite moment was watching a friend from the UK meet Billy Bragg back in 2009, after he hadn't seen him live since he was in college.

What artist(s) are you most looking forward to seeing perform at SXSW 2014?

Any that I have time to see with all the craziness!

Tacos or BBQ?

BBQ, without a doubt.

Hear Jack Bradley at the Art vs Craft - Original Music for Advertising session on Thursday, March 13th at 2pm in ACC Ballroom E.

Photo courtesy of the speaker