Advice to Those Seeking Housing

Written by Lynda Pyle | Thursday, Nov 29, 2012

SXSW 2012 - Otterbox breakdancing in front of the Austin Convention CenterSleeping on the sidewalk is not advised, you may be kicked by a wayward breakdancer. Photo courtesy of Chris Van Loan.

Since late July the SXSW Housing Department has made thousands of hotel reservations for registrants for our events and Austin hotels are nearly sold out for certain SXSW dates. Because events are back-to-back or overlapping, March 8 through 11 dates are difficult to find at a single hotel. You can check the updated list of hotels and their availability online. (SXSWedu registrants–good downtown hotels are still available. Make your reservation when you purchase your registration.)

In most cases, we recommend registrants decide on their travel dates and reserve whatever nights are still available. You can submit a wait-list request for the remainder of the nights or SXSW will work with you to find those additional dates at a second hotel, if you’re willing to split your stay. Keep in mind that downtown hotel wait-lists are full for March 7-13. As a general rule, there is a better chance that missing nights will eventually become available at hotels away from downtown.

There are other (non-hotel) options to accommodate short-term stays in Austin during SXSW. Those alternative accommodations cannot be reserved through SXSW, but we have more information and can make helpful referrals. The online availability page lists 3 new housing options: Downtown New Apartment Option, Vacation Home Rental Options, and a Real Estate Concierge Short Term Rental option. For more information about these housing possibilities, email us today at We look forward to hearing from you.