Apply to Showcase Today and Save 25%

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | September 11, 2012
<span class="caption"><img src="" alt="" title="" class="image-large" />Ume. Photo by Kristen Lefebvre.</span> Our first round of savings offers is almost up! Everyone knows that we offer early discounts on [registrations](/attend), but do you realize your band can save on application fees as well? If you're delaying on your inevitable submission to SXSW Music Festival 2013, now is the time to add those finishing touches. If you submit your application by **October 5th**, you save **25%**. Every penny counts when you are investing your all into your musical career, so act fast to take advantage. Head over to [Sonicbids]( to complete your EPK, send it over and you could be showcasing at the next edition of the most influential music festival in the world.