Bam! Pow! Come Learn and Play with SXSW Interactive Game Development Workshops

Written by Nanci Lancaster | December 19, 2012
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/misc_gaming_Lisa%20Hause.JPG" width="480" height="319" alt="Misc gaming by Lisa Hause" title="Misc gaming by Lisa Hause" class="image-large" />Photo courtesy Lisa Hause</span> Are you a gamer interested in game development, a developer looking for something new and exciting to add to your skill set, or just someone interested in the creation of video games? If so, SXSW Interactive has three exciting Game Development <a href="">workshops</a> from three different companies to choose from: Modit, Epic Games, and Unity! See below for more information on these fun, hands-on workshops.</p> **Make it Anything: Game Modification for the Masses** <p>The founders of <a href="">Modit</a>, Alex Sutherland, Alexander Sheive, Sam Workman, and Shantanu Dhaka, will discuss their vision for a future in which game development is democratized by turning game players into game creators. In this workshop, the Modit team will showcase their HTML5 game development platform and open it up for attendees to mod, create and share their own games. Attendees with no coding experience will be able to create and publish something that is uniquely their own by using visual tools to change the look, feel, and context of an existing game. Meanwhile, even the most experienced HTML5 game developer, or coders with no specific game or JavaScript experience, will be vastly accelerated by leveraging the structure, media, and syntax of a fully-functional game.</p> **Making Mobile Games with the Unreal Engine** <a href="">Epic Games</a> is hosting an all-day workshop to help SXSW Interactive attendees make great mobile games using the award-winning Unreal Engine technology. The Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 (UE3), will be used to familiarize attendees with systems essential for productivity, such as Unreal Kismet visual scripting and the Unreal Matinee cinematic toolset. Epic will provide demonstrations from the most popular Unreal University sessions as well as brand new learning material based on the engine's latest features. Lectures will be tailored toward mobile development, with practical tips on creating games across a range of genres, porting AAA content to mobile, optimizing content for mobile, and so on. In addition, Epic will provide a preview of Unreal Engine 4's new Unreal Kismet blueprints system, which equips developers with more control over game development than ever before. **AAA for Everyone - Deep Dive With Unity 4** <a href="">Unity 4</a> demonstrates the platform's AAA push that levels the playing field between the largest and the smallest studios. It enables anyone, from the most indie game designer to the biggest multinational AAA studios, to develop amazing games and effortlessly deploy to multiple platforms. This session will take an in-depth look at development with Unity 4 and the new opportunities for game development. Topics will include: Mecanim – groundbreaking character animation technology and how to bring characters to life in a few mouse clicks with incredibly fluid and natural motion, Linux publishing, visual fidelity and AAA rendering. Starting the week of January 14th, registrants will be able to sign up in advance through <a href="">SXsocial</a> to attend these workshops. In the meantime, you can <a href="">email</a> us to be notified once the sign-up process begins. Also, feel free to email with any workshop related questions or concerns you may have.