Buy Your Badge Now!

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | September 18, 2012
<img src="" alt="2012 Registration" title="2012 Registration by Tim Strauss" class="image-large" /> This Friday, <strong>September 21st</strong> is the final day to purchase your <a href="/attend">SXSW 2013 registration</a> at the lowest available rates of the season. Your Music or Platinum badge is your key to unlocking amazing and unlimited opportunities offered by the Music and Media Conference and Festival, enabling you to make the most of your experience. Receive priority access to the hundreds of <a href="/music/shows/about">official showcases</a> happening each night and 4 days of music programming on the day stages located in the Austin Convention Center. Badgeholders also have a chance to scoop up limited <strong>SXXpress</strong> passes allowing them jump to the front of the front of the line for selected night shows. Witness inspiring <a href="/music/talks/keynotes">keynotes</a> and featured speakers, from the likes of Bruce Springsteen. Participate in compelling <a href="/music/talks/about">panel conversations</a> highlighting the concerns, trends and future of the music industry led those most involved. Network, discover new businesses and services and take meetings with the professionals from all over the world exhibiting in the <a href="/trade-shows/about">SXSW Trade Show</a>, <a href="/trade-shows/music-gear-expo">Music Gear Expo</a>, and <a href="/music/startupvillage/about">Startup Village</a> which showcases the <a href="/music/startupvillage/accelerator">Music Accelerator</a> amongst other things. For the aspiring artists and established musicians, <strong>Artist Central</strong> provides clinics, workshops, mentoring and demo listening sessions where one can receive career enhancing advice from knowledgeable veterans. And your badge doesn't stop there. You'll have access to the <strong>Registrant Lounge</strong>, <a href="/music/parties">Official SXSW Parties</a>, and <a href="/softball">Closing BBQ and softball game</a>. All great places to take a break, let loose, grab some food and drink, and meet up with other SXSW registrants. Also, since communication is a main priority amongst our attendees, purchasing a badge grants you access to the numerous networking features of <a href="">SXsocial</a>. And your badge still doesn't stop there. Be able to pick the official SXSW 2013 <strong>Music Program Guide</strong> and collectible <strong>Music Big Bag</strong>, featuring original artwork by a different artist or musician each year. Also, stock up on goodies and great offers in our virtual gifting area, <strong>SXswag</strong>. With all of this and more, the value of a SXSW is immeasurable. But you can get it now at a seriously great discount, so why wait? <a href="/attend">Buy a badge now</a> and get started planning your SXSW 2013 experience now!