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Wednesday Sep 2nd, 2015

Startups in Flyover States: Steve Case Talks Rise of the Rest [Video]

Written by Hugh Forrest

No one has been more active than Steve Case in promoting the idea that the startup ecosystem shouldn’t be restricted to Silicon Valley. Watch him talk about this concept as well as other issues of importance to tech-industry founders in a video from the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival....

Wednesday Sep 2nd, 2015

30 Years of SXSW Music: Year Two Memories from Kevin “Shinyribs” Russell

Written by Michael Corcoran

March marks the 30th year of SXSW Music, but rather than rehash all the same old stories, we’re going to tell you new ones. Nary a Seagull, let alone a Flock, will be disparaged in this retelling. Any references to softball will be Hanson-free, in this “no stowaway” zone....