Music Festival Announces More 2013 Bands

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/foxygen.jpg" width="480" height="320" alt="" class="image-large" />2013 Showcasing Band Foxygen</span> Here it is, the next wave of bands scheduled to perform at the [2013 Music Festival](/music/shows/2013-bands) and it's a big one. Take a look below to glimpse even more of the insane amount of talent you can see at the upcoming event. It's very exciting, but don't forget to breathe! [Absynthe Minded]( (Ghent BELGIUM) [The Adamski Kid]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Aer]( (Waylan MA) [Agent Ribbons]( (Austin CA) [Agonizer]( (Havana CUBA) [Agrupacion Cariño](ón+Cariño) (Mexico City MEXICO) [Ain't No Love]( (Montrreal CANADA) [The Airborne Toxic Event]( (Los Angeles CA) [akaFrank]( (Pinole CA) [Ana Alcaide]( (Toledo SPAIN) [Alien Ant Farm]( (Riverside CA) [Aliment]( (Girona SPAIN) [Allo Darlin']( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Aloe Blacc]( (Los Angeles CA) [Alpha Rev]( (Austin TX) [Alpine]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [American Sharks]( (Austin TX) [Amtrac]( (Louisville KY) [Ancestor]( (Havana CUBA) [Angel Haze]( (Detroit MI) [Syd Arthur]( (Canterbury UK-ENGLAND) [Audacity]( (Fullerton CA) [Imam Baildi]( (Athens GREECE) [The Balconies]( (Toronto CANADA) [Rosco Bandana]( (Gulfport MS) [Bareto]( (Lima PERU) [Bearhug]( (Chifley AUSTRALIA) [Bestial Mouths]( (Los Angeles CA) [Betunizer]( (Valencia SPAIN) [Big Black Delta]( (Los Angeles CA) [Big Sid]( (San Angelo TX) [Billionaire B]( (Los Angeles CA) [Scott H. Biram]( (Austin TX) [The Black Atlantic]( (Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS) [The Black Butterflies]( (Rosedale NY) [Blackchords]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears]( (Austin TX) [Black Moth Super Rainbow]( (Pittsburgh PA) [Black Violin]( (Miami FL) [The Blank Tapes]( (Los Angeles CA) [Blaudzun]( (Holland THE NETHERLANDS) [The Blind Shake]( (Minneapolis NY) [Blondfire]( (Los Angeles CA) [Blood Diamonds]( (Kansas City MO) [Body Parts]( (Los Angeles CA) [Bombay Show Pig]( (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS) [Bonde Do Role]( (Sao Paulo Brazil) [Bonobo]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Borgore]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Born Gold]( (Edmonton CANADA) [Born Ruffians]( (Midland CANADA) [Bo Saris]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Brainticket]( (Los Angeles CA) [Brazos]( (Austin TX) [Will Brennan]( (Atlanta GA) [JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound]( (Chicago IL) [Buffalo Killers]( (Cincinnati OH) [Jessy Bulbo]( (Distrito Federal MEXICO) [Max Burgundy]( (Brooklyn NY) [Kathryn Calder]( (Victoria CANADA) [The Cambodian Space Project]( (Taroona AUSTRALIA) [Camera]( (Berlin GERMANY) [Laura Cantrell]( (New York NY) [Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino]( (Lecce ITALY) [Capital Cities]( (Los Angeles CA) [Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers]( (Halifax Upper Harbour CANADA) [Max Capote]( (Montevideo URUGUAY) [Capsula]( (Bilbao SPAIN) [Chris Carrabba]( (Boca Raton FL) [Cartright]( (Austin TX) [Chance The Rapper]( (Chicago IL) [Charan Po Rantan]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Charli XCX]( (London UK-WALES) [Cherub]( (Nashville TN) [The Chicharones]( (Portland OR) [Children Of The Night]( (Queens NY) [China Rats]( (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) [Christeene]( (Austin TX) [CHVRCHES]( (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) [Cinemacinco]( (Bogotá COLOMBIA) [The Coathangers]( (Atlanta GA) [Cold War Kids]( (Los Angeles CA) [John Wesley Coleman]( (Austin TX) [Andrew Collberg]( (Tucson AZ) [Coma]( (Cologne GERMANY) [Jamie N Commons]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Complete]( (Fort Worth TX) [Compuphonic]( (Liege BELGIUM) [Conveyor]( (Brooklyn NY) [The Copper Gamins]( (Zinacantepec MEXICO) [Cosmos People]( (Taipei TAIWAN) [Crew54]( (Kileen TX) [Crew Peligrosos]( (Medellin COLOMBIA) [Dan Croll]( (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND) [The Crookes]( (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND) [Crowns]( (Cornwall UK-ENGLAND) [The Crystal Method]( (Los Angeles CA) [Amelia Curran]( (St Johns CANADA) [Daedelus]( (Los Angeles CA) [Dame]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Dangerous Summer]( (Ellicott City MD) [The Darcys]( (Toronto CANADA) [Darwin Deez]( (Ashevillev NC) [Dauwd]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [DaVinci]( (San Francisco CA) [Dawes]( (Los Angeles CA) [Dead Gaze]( (Memphis TN) [Dead Prez]( (Atlanta GA) [Deadstring Brothers]( (Nashville TN) [Deap Vally]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Dear Hunter]( (Providence RI) [Declan O'Rourke]( (Dublin IRELAND) [Delicate Steve]( (Fredon NJ) [Robert Delong]( (Los Angeles CA) [DeLorean]( (Houston TX) [Delorentos]( (Dublin IRELAND) [Delta Rae]( (Durham NC) [Denney And The Jets]( (Nashville TN) [Desert Noises]( (Provo UT) [Dessa]( (Minneapolis MN) [Device]( (Chicago IL) [Madi Diaz]( Nashville TN) [Dignan]( (Mcallen TX) [Dirt Nasty]( (Beverly Hills CA) [Dirty Ghosts]( (San Francisco CA) [Marianne Dissard]( (Tucson AZ) [DJ Abrantee]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [DJ Grip]( (Austin TX) [DJ Yoda]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Dog Bite]( (Atlanta GA) [Doughbeezy]( (Houston TX) [Drink to me]( (Ivrea ITALY) [D33J]( (Los Angeles CA) [Dubb Sicks]( (Austin TX) [Dune Rats]( (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) [Duologue]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Dustin-Prestige]( (Houston TX) [The Eastern Sea]( (Austin TX) [Eaux]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Eddie Spagetti]( (Seattle IL) [8 Kilometros]( (Bogota COLOMBIA) [Einherjer]( (Haugesund NORWAY) [Elizabeth & the Catapult]( (Brooklyn NY) [Carrie Elkin]( (Austin TX) [Robert Ellis]( (Houston TN) [Eminence]( (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL) [Empires]( (Chicago IL) [Empress Of]( (New York NY) [The Enemy]( (Coventry UK-ENGLAND) [Escape]( (Havana CUBA) [Evans the Death]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [The Evaporators]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Everything Everything]( (Manchester UK-ENGLAND) [Paloma Faith]( (Hackney UK-ENGLAND) [Dana Falconberry]( (Austin TX) [Fallulah]( (København K DENMARK) [Sean Falyon]( (Atlanta GA) [Fat Tony]( (Houston TX) [Feathers]( (Austin TX) [Felo](http://www.SWISHAHOUSE.BIZ) (Houston TX) [Sky Ferreira]( (New York NY) [Fine Times]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Five Mile Town]( (Auckland NEW ZEALAND) [Flatbush Zombies]( (Brooklyn NY) [The Flatliners]( (Toronto CANADA) [Flume]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Flunk]( (Oslo NORWAY) [Fly Union]( (Columbus OH) [Guy Forsyth]( (Austin TX) [Fort Lean]( (Brooklyn NY) [Fossil Collective]( (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) [Four Minutes Til Midnight]( (Torrance CA) [The 4onthefloor]( (Minneapolis MN) [Foxygen]( (New York NY) [Franny Glass]( (Montevido URUGUAY) [Fresno]( (Porto Alegre BRAZIL) [Frontier Live]( (Austin TX) [Marcelo Fruet & os Cozinheiros]( (Porto Alegre BRAZIL) [Fuck Art, Let's Dance!]( (Hamburg GERMANY) [Futurebirds]( (Athens GA) [Gallops]( (Wrexham UK-WALES) [Gang do Eletro]( (Barcarena BRAZIL) [Gap Dream]( (Cleveland OH) [Jacco Gardner]( (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS) [Gashcat]( (Austin TX) [Generationals]( (New Orleans LA) [Georgia Fair]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Alice Gerrard]( (North Carolina NC) [The Ghosts]( (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND) [Ghost Wave]( (Auckland NEW ZEALAND) [Girls Names]( (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND) [Girl Unit]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Glass Towers]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Glossary]( (Murfreesboro TN) [Gold & Youth]( (Vancouver CANADA) [The Golden Boys]( (Austin TX) [Goldheart Assembly]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Farzad Golpayegani]( (Istanbul TURKEY) [Max Gomez]( (Taos NM) [The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet]( (San Francisco CA) [Good Field]( (Austin TX) [Gosteffects]( (New York NY) [The Gourds]( (Austin TX) [Grandchildren]( )(Philadelphia PA) [Skylar Grey](!news) (Mezomaine WI) [Gringo Star]( (Atlanta GA) [Gripin]( (Istanbul TURKEY) [Grooveline Horns]( (Austin TX) [Gross Magic]( (Brighton UK-ENGLAND) [GT GARZA]( (Houston TX) [Noah Gundersen]( (Seattle WA) [Halaska]( (Austin TX) [Yasmine Hamdan]( (Paris FRANCE) [Hands]( (Los Angeles CA) [Ed Harcourt]( (Wimbledon UK-ENGLAND) <br /> [The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Danny B. Harvey]( (Austin TX) [Hawk Eyes]( (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) [Hayden]( (Toronto CANADA) [The Heavy]( (Noid UK-ENGLAND) [Hello Caller]( (Austin TX) [Lilly Hiatt And the Dropped Ponies]( (Nashville TN) [Hiatus Kaiyote]( (Northcote AUSTRALIA) [Dante Higgins]( (Houston TX) [High Highs]( (Brooklyn NY) [Hi Rhythm]( (Memphis TN) [His Clancyness]( (Bologna ITALY) [Robyn Hitchcock]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Holy Blam]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Hooded Fang]( (Toronto CANADA) [The Hood Internet]( (Chicago IL) [Houndmouth]( (New Albany IN) [Hundred Waters]( (Gainesville FL) [James Hunter]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Hunters]( (Brooklyn NY) [Hurray for the Riff Raff]( (New Orleans LA) [Iamsu! & The HBK Gang]( (Richmond CA) [Imaginary Cities]( (Winnipeg CANADA) [Intergalactic Lovers]( (Aalst BELGIUM) [Ironhorse]( (Boulder CO) [Ivan & The Parazol]( (Budapest HUNGARY) [Erin Ivey]( (Austin TX) [Jackie Chain]( (Huntsville AL) [Jaill]( (Milwaukee IL) [Jam City]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Jamieson]( (New York NY) [Ruby Jane]( (Austin TX) [Kim Janssen]( (Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS) [Jetta]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Jigg]( (Hollywood FL) [J Nics]( (Miami FL) [Karma Jonze]( (Austin TX) [Josephine]( (Manchester UK-ENGLAND) [Josy]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [The Joy Formidable]( (Wrexham UK-WALES) [Juan Perro]( (Madrid SPAIN) [Bwani Junction]( (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND) [Kab]( (Houston TX) [Kadavar]( (Berlin GERMANY) [Kamp!]( (Lodz POLAND) [Kao=S]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Kassidy]( (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) [KD]( (Birmingham AL) [Keep Shelly in Athens]( (Athens GREECE) [Rona Kenan]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Cory Kendrix]( (Austin TX) [Kestrels ]( (Halifax CANADA) [K-Holes]( (New York NY) [Kid Karate]( (Dublin IRELAND) [Kid Koala]( (Montreal CANADA) [K.I.D.S]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Kids From Nowhere]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Kiev]( (Orange CA) [Kill Paris]( (Los Angeles CA) [Elle King]( (Brooklyn NY) [Kinski]( (Seattle WA) [Ki:Theory]( (Richmond VA) [KnightRiderz]( (Edmonton CANADA) [Svavar Knútur]( (Reykjavík ICELAND) [K.O. Boyz]( (Dallas TX) [Kodaline]( (Dublin IRELAND) [Kool and Together]( (Victoria TX) [Kool Thing]( (Dublin IRELAND) [Kosha Dillz]( (Los Angeles CA) [Ed Kowalczyk]( (York PA) [Lianne La Havas]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [La Migra]( (Austin TX) [Tom Lark]( (Auckland NEW ZEALAND) [Las Cafeteras]( (Los Angeles CA) [Las Coronelas]( (San Antonio TX) [Las Robertas]( (San José COSTA RICA) [Lay Low]( (Hveragerdi ICELAND) [Cate Le Bon]( (Cardiff UK-WALES) [Le Castle Vania]( (Atlanta GA) [Kay Leotard]( (Austin TX) [Les RAV]( (Austin TX) [Let's Buy Happiness]( (Newcastle UK-ENGLAND) [Levek]( (Gainesville FL) [Líber Terán]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Magnus Lindgren]( ( (Stockholm SWEDEN) [Lions In The Street]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Liquits]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Lissie]( (Ojai CA) [Little Barrie]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Little Green Cars]( (Dublin IRELAND) [The Little Ones]( (Los Angeles CA) [Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun]( (Cheltenham UK-ENGLAND) [Loco Dice]( (Düsseldorf GERMANY) [Jeff Lofton]( (Austin TX) [Grace London]( (Los Angeles CA) [Tito Lopez]( (Gulfport MS) [Los Claxons]( (Monterrey MEXICO) [Los Lonely Boys]( (San Angelo TX) [LostAlone]( (Derby UK-ENGLAND) [Lovely Bad Things]( (La Mirada CA) [Lusine]( (Seattle WA) [L-Vis 1990]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Lys]( (Rennes FRANCE) [The Majority Says]( (Linkoping SWEDEN) [Major Lazer]( (New York NY) [Donald Malloy and Sight]( (Brooklyn NY) [Manic Sheep]( (Taipei TAIWAN) [Man Or Astro-Man?]( (Atlanta GA) [Man Without Country]( (Cardiff UK-WALES) [Daniel "Tatita" Marquez]( (Montevideo URUGUAY) [Charlie Mars]( (Oxford MS) [The Mavericks]( (Nashville TN) [MC Lars]( (Los Angeles CA) [J.D. McPherson]( (Tulsa OK) [Meat Market]( (Oakland CA) [Pedro Menendez Fusion Ensemble]( (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) [Midday Veil]( (Seattle WA) [Middle Class Rut]( (Sacramento CA) [Midlake]( (Denton TX) [Devin Miles]( (Pittsburgh PA) [The Milk Carton Kids]( (Los Angeles CA) [Buddy Miller & Jim Lauderdale]( (Fairborn OH) [Chris Mills]( (Chicago IL) [Miracles of Modern Science]( (Brooklyn NY) [Missions]( (Austin TX) [Mista Silva]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Mister Loveless]( (Oakland CA) [Mitzi]( (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) [Tashaki Miyaki]( (Los Angeles CA) [MØ]( (Copenhagen DENMARK) [Mobbin no Sobbin]( (San Antonio TX) [Raleigh Moncrief]( (Sacramento CA) [Mookie Jones]( (Harlem NY) [Hudson Moore]( (Ft Worth TX) [More Or Les]( (Toronto CANADA) [The Mornings]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Mother Falcon]( (Austin TX) [Mount Moriah]( (Durham NC) [Ms Mr]( (New York NY) [Mujeres]( (Barcelona SPAIN) [Murder By Death]( (Bloomington IN) [Malena Muyala]( (Montevideo URUGUAY) [Jay Nash]( (Hartland VT) [New Ivory]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Nguzunguzu]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Niceguys]( (Houston TX) [The Night Beats]( (Seattle WA) [The 1975]( (Manchester UK-ENGLAND) [Nobunny]( (Oakland CA) [nosaprise]( (Houston TX) [Not In The Face]( (Austin TX) [Nü Sensae]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Nyzzy Nyce]( (Fort Wayne IN) [Nzca/lines]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Aoife O'Donovan]( (Brooklyn NY) [OK Sweetheart]( (New York NY) [Omen]( (Chicago IL) [OMG & Shockwave]( (Dallas TX) [Onehunnidt]( (Houston TX) [The Orwells]( (Elmhurst IL) [Paceshifters]( (Wijhe THE NETHERLANDS) [Palma Violets]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Panorama]( (Medellin COLOMBIA) [Papachina]( (Armenia COLOMBIA) [Paws]( (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) [Peace]( (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND) [Peace (Vancouver)]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Peers]( (Reading UK-ENGLAND) [Archie Pelago]( (Brooklyn NY) [Pentatonix]( (Los Angeles CA) [Diego Peralta]( (Valparaiso CHILE) [Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät]( (Helsinki FINLAND) [Petite Noir]( (Cape Town DR CONGO) [Phedre]( (Toronto CANADA) [Phony Ppl]( (Brooklyn NY) [Rey Pila]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Pirates Canoe]( (Kansai JAPAN) [Plaided]( (Vienna AUSTRIA) [Plastic Flowers]( (Thessaloniki GREECE) [Steve Poltz]( (San Diego CA) [Poolside]( (Los Angeles CA) [Popstrangers]( (Auckland NEW ZEALAND) [Prince Rama]( (Brooklyn NY) [Tara Priya]( (San Francisco CA) [Propain]( (Houston TX) [Matt Pryor]( (Lawrence KS) [PS I Love You]( (Kingston CANADA) [Psycatron]( (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND) [Puerto Candelaria]( (Ameca Centro MEXICO) [Pulenta]( (Bogota COLOMBIA) [Ras Pyek]( (Mahe Island SEYCHELLES) [Pyyramids]( (Los Angeles NY) [Radkey]( (Saint Joseph MO) [Rah Rah]( (Regina CANADA) [Missy Raines & The New Hip]( (Nashville TN) [Rai P]( (Houston TX) [Ra Ra Riot]( (Syracuse NY) [(RAS) Riders Against the Storm]( (Austin TX) [Ratking]( (New York NY) [R.D. Peoples]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Real Tuesday Weld]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Redinho]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Christopher Rees]( (Cardiff UK-WALES) [Reid]( (Cork IRELAND) [Reignwolf]( (Seattle CANADA) [Reptar]( (Athens GA) [R3venge Of The Nerds]( (Los Angeles CA) [Reverend and the Makers]( (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND) [The Revivalists]( (New Orleans LA) [Rhye]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Rite Flyers]( (Austin TX) [Roach Gigz]( (San Francisco CA) [Caitlin Rose]( (Nashville TN) [Chelle Rose]( (Brentwood TN) [Lucy Rose]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Josh Rouse]( (Valencia SPAIN) [Royal Bangs]( (Knoxville TN) [Royal Canoe]( (Winnipeg CANADA) [Royal Thunder]( (Atlanta GA) [The Rubens]( (Menangle AUSTRALIA) [Serena Ryder]( (Toronto CANADA) [Salesman]( (Austin TX) [Nicolás Santos]( (Bogotá COLOMBIA) [Sarkodie]( (Accra GHANA) [Paul Thomas Saunders]( (Leeds UK-ENGLAND) [Savages]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Jack Savoretti]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Polly Scattergood]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Schaffer the Darklord]( (New York NY) [Scotty]( (Atlanta GA) [Sea Pinks]( (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND) [The Seaside Swifts]( (Austin TX) [Second Time Virgin]( (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) [Sertified]( (Austin TX) [Sexy Fi]( (Brasília BRAZIL) [Sharks]( (Leamington Spa UK-ENGLAND) [Amanda Shires]( (Nashville TN) [Shout Out Louds]( (Stockholm SWEDEN) [Shout Out Out Out Out]( (Edmonton CANADA) [Sick/Sea]( (Mcallen TX) [Siddhartha]( (Guadalajara MEXICO) [Simian Ghost]( (Stockholm SWEDEN) [Sisu]( (Los Angeles CA) [Skaters]( (New York NY) [Skewby]( (Memphis TN) [Skinny Lister]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Sleep Good]( (Austin TX) [SL Jones]( (Little Rock AR) [Frank Smith]( (Austin TX) [Snowblink]( (Toronto CANADA) [Snow Tha Product]( (Dallas TX) [Social Studies (CA)]( (San Francisco CA) [So Cow]( (Galway IRELAND) [The Soft Moon]( (San Francisco CA) [Solids]( (Montreal CANADA) [Ben Sollee]( (Louisville KY) [Sol Okarina]( (Bogotá COLOMBIA) [So Many Wizards]( (Los Angeles CA) [Sonámbulo]( (San José COSTA RICA) [Sore Losers]( (Dallas TX) [Soul Khan]( (Brooklyn NY) [Amy Speace]( (Nashville TN) [Speak]( (Austin TX) [Spires That In The Sunset Rise]( (Madison WI) [Squarehead]( (Dublin IRELAND) [Chris Stamey]( (Chapel Hill NC) [Starkey]( (Philadelphia PA) [Stereo Mike]( (Athens GREECE) [Sticky]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Still Life Still]( (Toronto CANADA) [Strangers]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [SubKulture Patriots]( (Austin TX) [Sugar Army]( (Perth AUSTRALIA) [SuiseiNoboAz]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Gabriel Sullivan & Taraf de Tucson]( (Tucson AZ) [Summer Flake]( (Goodwood AUSTRALIA) [Surfer Blood]( (West Palm Beach FL) [S U R V I V E]( (Austin TX) [Patrick Sweany]( (Nashville TN) [Swear And Shake]( (Brooklyn NY) [Sweatshop Union]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Tall Ships]( (Falmouth UK-ENGLAND) [Tamikrest]( (Tombouctou MALI) [Tango in the Attic]( (Glenrothes UK-SCOTLAND) [Harry Taussig]( (Costa Mesa CA) [T Bird and the Breaks]( (Austin TX) [TCTS]( (Manchester UK-ENGLAND) [Team Ghost]( (Paris FRANCE) [Team Spirit]( (Brooklyn NY) [The Technicolors]( (Phoenix CA) [Teen Runnings]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Telebit]( (Bogota COLOMBIA) [Telekinesis](http://www.tELEKINESISMUSIC.COM) (Seattle WA) [Terakaft]( (Kidal MALI) [Thao & The Get Down Stay Down]( (San Francisco CA) [Thee Oh Sees]( (San Francisco CA) [Third Eye Blind]( (San Francisco CA) [This Many Boyfriends]( ( UK) [Richard Thompson]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Throne]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Titi Robin Trio]( (Angers FRANCE) [Tokimonsta]( (Los Angeles CA) [Toro Y Moi]( (Columbia SC) [Trails and Ways]( (Emeryville CA) [Transcription of Organ Music]( (Franklin AUSTRALIA) [Travi$ Scott]( (Houston TX) [A Tribe Called Red]( (Ottawa CANADA) [Trummors]( (Woodstock NY) [Nik Turner's Hawkwind]( (Los Angeles CA) [24-7]( (Victoria TX) [Two Fresh]( (Denver CO) [Tying Tiffany]( (Bologna ITALY) [William Tyler]( (Nashville TN) [The Types]( (Moscow RUSSIA) [Ume]( (Austin TX) [Unknown Mortal Orchestra]( (Portland OR) [The Uprising Roots]( (Kingston JAMAICA) [UZOY]( (Houston TX) [VietNam]( (Brooklyn NY) [V.I.P]( (San Diego CA) [The Virginmarys]( (Macclesfield UK-ENGLAND) [Vockah Redu]( (New Orleans LA) [Leif Vollebekk]( (Montreal CANADA) [Waco Brothers]( (Chicago IL) [Wake Owl]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Terry Waldo]( (New York NY) [Butch Walker]( (Los Angeles CA) [Wall.]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [J Roddy Walston and the Business]( (Baltimore MD) [Wamba]( (Bogota COLOMBIA) [The Warlocks]( (Los Angeles CA) [Washington Irving]( (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) [Wavves]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Wealthy West]( (Austin TX) [Weapon]( (Edmonton CANADA) [We Are The Grand]( (Las Condes CHILE) [Taj Weekes & Adowa]( (Castries SAINT LUCIA ) [The Wellspring]( (Los Angeles CA) [Wet Nuns]( (Sheffield UK-ENGLAND) [Wheeler Brothers]( (Austin TX) [The Whigs]( (Athens GA) [Whitehorse]( (Hamilton CANADA) [White Violet]( (Athens GA) [Wildcat! Wildcat!]( (Los Angeles CA) [Wild Child]( (Austin TX) [Wildlife Control]( (Brooklyn NY) [Roosh Williams]( (Houston TX) [Windy City]( (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) [Wiz Kid]( (Lagos NIGERIA) [Wordburglar]( (Toronto CANADA) [World's End Press]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [Worldwide]( (San Antonio TX) [Bernie Worrell Orchestra]( (Musconetcong NJ) [Chihiro Yamazaki + Route 14 Band]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Y Niwl]( (Gwynedd UK-WALES) [Young Fathers]( (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND) [Young Galaxy]( (Montreal CANADA) [Young Guns]( (High Wycombe UK-ENGLAND) [Young Hines]( (Nashville TN) [Youngnick]( (Manor TX) [Jenny Owen Youngs]( (Brooklyn NY) [Yung Quis]( (Houston TX) [Zeale]( (Austin TX) [Zorch]( (Austin TX) [ZZ Ward]( (Los Angeles CA) _*As always, everything subject to change._