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Written by Kristin Adams | Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012

U.S. Department of EnergyThe SXSW Eco Hackathon presented by the U.S. Department of Energy and Cleanweb Worldwide is open for registration! Interested coders, designers, data or knowledge experts are all welcome to join the fun.
Sign up now for the SXSW Eco Hackathon!

The SXSW Eco Hackathon provides a unique opportunity to create a useful energy tool from public data released to SXSW Eco from the U.S. Department of Energy. As a bonus, the most popular energy tool created will be promoted by the Department of Energy through various forms of media. Participants in the Hackathon will receive a complimentary SXSW Eco registration as our thanks for working to create new and usable tools for smarter energy choices.

CleanWebIn just 24 hours teams of hackers will work to use public and open data to make new tools to be shared with the general public. With the help the U.S. Department of Energy’s, Energy Data Initiative there are now vast and valuable datasets open to the public, which cover all parts of life from appliances and cars to electricity rates and CO2 emissions. However, people, businesses, non-profits and government all need new tools to use those data for more effective energy choices. That’s where you come in, with the help of Cleanweb Worldwide's Hackathon expertise, you and your team will work together to create a new tool every registrant at SXSW Eco can use. For more information check out our Hackathon FAQ or email