SXSW Eco 2012 Is Almost Here!

Written by Jordan Roberts | September 21, 2012
<a href="/sponsors"><img src="" width="200" class="floatleft"></a>We are excited to announce [Chevrolet](, a long standing partner of SXSW events, has joined SXSW Eco as a Premier [Sponsor]( for 2012! Chevrolet has demonstrated a responsible environmental approach to auto making, as seen with the carbon dioxide emission reducing and fuel-saving, Chevrolet Volt. All SXSW Eco registrants are invited to attend [SXSW Eco Connect](, an opportunity to make employment connections with innovative eco-minded companies from around the country. This networking event at Eco Connect will take place on Wednesday, October 3 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the AT&T Executive Conference Center in Room 301. Come meet the SXSW Eco Connect [participants]( while you scout or apply for job openings, internship positions and volunteer opportunities. <img src="" alt="Round Table Dinner: La Condesa" title="Round Table Dinner: La Condesa" class="floatright" /><a href="/sponsors"></a>Sign-up is now available for the [SXSW Eco Round Table Dinners]( on Thursday evening, October 4, which showcases some of Austin's most forward-thinking eateries. Chose from five restaurants that source locally, buy organic, and work hard to minimize their footprint: [Blue Dahlia Bistro](, [Buenos Aires Cafe](, [Casa de Luz](, [Contigo]( and [La Condesa]( Get your tickets today, before they are gone! Purchase tickets, review menus, and learn more details about this delicious evening [here]( [Register]( now to attend SXSW Eco 2012!