SXSW Eco: New Sessions, Speakers and Special Events Announced!

Written by Kristin Adams | August 9, 2012
<a href="">SXSW Eco</a> is pleased to announce more speakers, sessions, and special events for the October event. <img src="" alt="Jigar" title="Jigar" class="floatright" width="150" />Here are some highlights: [Jigar Shah will be joining Senator Byron Dorgan]( for a no-holds-barred Keynote Discussion on Thursday, October 4th, where they will explore the advancements in clean energy transport technologies and solutions to the obstacles surrounding the deployment of the clean energy economy. New speakers have been announced including Karen Barnes, Ernest Davis and Mashari Perry. [Click here]( to see who's coming in October. More [sessions]( have been added to the line up and include Yin & Yang: Alternatives in a Traditional World, Putting "Able" into Sustainable: What Works and EcoCAR2. Each of these sessions will fall under one of [five programming themes]( for SXSW Eco 2012. <img src="" alt="DJ Spooky presented by Neuro" title="DJ Spooky presented by Neuro" class="floatleft" width="200" />SXSW Eco is proud to introduce Paul D. Miller aka [DJ Spooky]( and his live performance of Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica presented by [Neuro]( drinks, on Thursday night, October 4th, at the Stateside Theater. Coupled with historic, scientific, and geographical visual material, Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica is a seventy-minute performance, creating a unique and powerful moment around man’s relationship with nature. For more information and other Special Events, [click here]( Don't miss out on all that we have planned for October. [Register today]( and [book your hotel]( now!