SXSW Music Alumns Own Girls-Volume 1

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | December 17, 2012
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/sleigh_bells_Alexa_Pawlowski.JPG" width="480" height="319" alt="" class="image-large" />Sleigh Bells at SXSW Music 2012. Photo by Alexa Pawlowski</span> Lena Dunham's smash hit HBO show *Girls* first premiered back at [SXSW Film 2012]( Being known for her fresh take on the complicated lives of modern, forward-thinking and hip twenty-something women in New York, it makes complete sense that she would set her scenes using fresh and hip music of the most notable up-and-comers of the last year. The soundtrack, available January 8th, boasts quite a few [SXSW Music alumni]( Dunham, music supervisors Manish Raval and Tom Wolfe, and producer Kevin Weaver collaborated on the collection that not only replays your favorite scenes from the show, but creates a mix tape of the trendiest music acts. *Girls–Volume 1* features fun., Sleigh Bells, Robyn, Fleet Foxes, and Santigold according to [Rolling Stone]( Tune in January 13th when *Girls* second season premieres and showcases much more music from today's stars on the rise and you can start guessing what may appear on *Volume 2*.