SXSW Music Has It All

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | December 3, 2012
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/ofmiceandmen.jpg" width="480" height="320" alt="" class="image-large" />2013 Performing Band Of Mice & Men</span> [SXSW Music](/music) is home to all genres and styles of music from all over the world. Attendees to the music festival can get a taste of what's happening in metal, EDM, indie rock, folk, Americana, hip hop, rap, singer-songwriter, world music and everything in between. During [2012's event](, 49 different countries were represented, showcasing their own burgeoning and established talents in multiple genres. As always, we'll have premier programming from Latin America, the UK, Canada and Western Europe, as well as acts making the trip from other far away places such as Africa, Japan, China, Russia, and many more. This year when you're planning your "must see" schedule, pencil in time for discovery. Whether your go to is reggae or psych rock, we promise we'll have you covered, but we're sure you'll be surprised to learn that you can also fall in love with an amazing folk-fusion band. Or perhaps you're mind will be blown by a Japanese rockabilly outfit. No place makes it easier to stumble upon something amazing. Take advantage of the options at [SXSW Music 2013](/music/shows/2013-bands) and [register now](/attend)!