Complete Timeline of SXSW Accelerator Events

Written by Sarah Garcia | Sunday, Mar 10, 2013
<img src="" alt="SXSW Accelerator logo by Ebony Miles" title="SXSW Accelerator logo by Ebony Miles" class="floatleft" class="image-medium" /><p>The fifth annual <a href=" accelerator">SXSW Accelerator</a> kicks off Monday, March 11, at the Austin Hilton Downtown and will be a competition unlike any other. With the judges, companies, and emcees announced and ready to participate, this year's event provides the perfect venue for discovering innovative and emerging technologies.</p> <p>Starting with 48 companies on Day One, judges will narrow down the contest to the best 18 and announce the grand prize winners in each category at the end of Day Two on Tuesday, March 12. It does not end there, though. The Music-Related Technologies competition will take place on Day Three, Wednesday, March 13. Eight companies will present, with a winner crowned at the end of the day.</p> <p><a href="">Click here</a> for the stacked timeline for the 2013 SXSW Interactive Accelerator event or <a href="">here</a> for the 2013 SXSW Music Accelerator event.</p> <p>For more information on Interactive Accelerator, <a href="">click here</a> or to learn more about Music Accelerator, <a href="">go here</a>.</p> <p><a href="">Click here</a> to purchase a badge to attend SXSW Accelerator. We hope to see you there!</p> <p><em>Contributed by Tamara Bell</em></p>