Day One – Bre Pettis Opening Remarks Community Recap

Written by Sarah Garcia | Friday, Mar 8, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/0308_BrePettis2.jpg?itok=CUjO6Knn" width="480" height="376" alt="Bre Pettis illustration by ImageThink" title="Bre Pettis illustration by ImageThink" class="image-large" /><a href="">Big thanks to our friends at ImageThink!</a> We took the time to check out <a href="">Bre Pettis</a>, our Opening Remarks speaker and the CEO of <a href="">MakerBot</a>, today in Exhibit Hall 5 at 2pm. Pettis talked about how his company seeks to empower people to fundamentally alter the global supply chain, change the way businesses interact with customers and make their own stuff. Highlights included: MakerBot's <a href="">Thingiverse</a> currently has more than 40K things to choose from (and 3D print) so the layperson doesn't even have to know CAD! Pettis emphasized that his goal is to make hardware accessible, fun and playful using the example of a Duplo / Brio connector that didn't exist before the advent of commercial 3D printing. On a more intensely heartfelt note, Pettis showed the audience how 3D printing has allowed children who need prosthetics to print out <a href="">Robohands</a> to enhance and increase their mobility. <span class="caption right"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/Bre%20Pettis%20by%20TLG.JPG?itok=4LcwEEW1" width="220" height="165" alt="Bre Pettis by TLG" title="Bre Pettis by TLG" class="image-medium" />Bre Pettis by Tammy Lynn Gilmore</span>Pettis also used the platform at SXSW Interactive to make two compelling announcements for the Makersphere. He unveiled a <a href="">MakerBot Digitizer Prototype</a> that uses lasers to scan and collate points on a real-world object and wraps it all up into a 3D model. As an example, Pettis scanned a garden gnome. On his slide, he described the Digitizer thusly: * Brings objects into the digital world * Ideal for small/medium objects * Works in indoor light * 3 minute high quality scans * Optimized for 3D printing * Peer of replication * LASERS!!! <h3>Community Roundup</h3> Read what the press had to say about the MakerBot Digitizer Prototype announcement: Engadget <a href="">MakerBot unveils prototype Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, promises easier 3D printing</a> The Verge <a href="">MakerBot announces 3D 'Digitizer' prototype to scan your world, then print it out</a> Mashable <a href="">Makerbot Digitizer Will Let Anyone Scan and Print Physical Items in 3D</a> The Washington Post <a href="">MakerBot’s Bre Pettis introduces ‘Digitizer’ at SXSW</a> Pettis' second announcement was about MakerBot's partnership with AutoDesk on the <a href="">123 Creature app</a>. Read what the press had to say about that: WIRED <a href="">Autodesk Partners With MakerBot, But Really Wants to Make Its Own Hardware</a> Laptop Mag <a href="">3D Printing Is Even Easier with MakerBot and Autodesk Partnership</a> Reuters <a href="">MakerBot and Autodesk Partner to Bring 3D Design and 3D Printing to Everyone</a> Overall, Pettis evangelized his localized, personalized approach to making things and urged the audience to join MakerBot in creating the next Industrial Revolution. From the Twittersphere... SXSW Love Joel Bush @joelbush Anticipation Steven Blumberg @StevenAsher: SXSW Hashtags Too Generic :( Su @topleftbrick Weather Omar L. Gallaga @omarg Robohands for Kids Norah Carroll @norahcarroll Imagination shweri @shweri Power Omar L. Gallaga @omarg Education Norah Carroll @norahcaroll En español Joana Sanchez @ejoana From MakerBot HQ @makerbot