Introducing the Lineup for Built 2013: Make & Tell, Magic Revealed!

Written by Corinna Burford | Friday, Mar 1, 2013
<span class="caption left"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/Built2013_0.gif?itok=mXnaDphF" width="220" height="220" alt="" class="image-medium" /></span> Back again for SXSW 2013, Built features another exciting series of discussions featuring innovators and creators. Join us at [Next Stage]( for this [Make & Tell event]( as these builders reveal their design process and showcase their inventions. Stick around after their short presentations for a meet and greet with the designers and their creations! Enjoy presentations from Francisco Cassis of [Bicycled](, Swarm Collector Creator [RobRoy Chalmers](, alternate reality storyteller Brian McGaw of [Occurrent Arts](, DIY Dynamic Headlight Maker [Matt Richardson](, graphic designer [Aaron Wood](, and stop frame, electric bike builder George Schnakenberg III of [Infinite Collective](