More Music Festival 2013 Bands

Written by Stacey Wilhelm | Thursday, Jan 10, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/local_natives.jpg" width="480" height="319" alt="" class="image-large" />2013 Showcasing Band Local Natives</span> Here are another few hundred acts scheduled to officially showcase during 2013's Music Festival. With well [over one thousand names now announced](/music/shows/2013-bands), the festival is proud of the diverse range of hugely talented acts represented. However, this still isn't everyone. More and more additions will continue to be added as we get closer to March. Continue to stay connected to learn of all the exciting announcements coming in later this month and leading into the final weeks before SXSW 2013! [100s]( (Berkeley CA) [360]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [3rd Line Butterfly]( (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) [Adam WarRock]( (Memphis TN) [Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys]( (Austin TX) [A Fine Frenzy]( (Los Angeles CA) [Alba Lua]( (Paris FRANCE) [Allah-Las]( (Los Angeles CA) [Kris Allen]( (Little Rock AR) [AM & Shawn Lee]( (Los Angeles CA) [Ambassadors]( (New York NY) [Amplified Heat]( (Austin TX) [Anders & Kendall]( (New York NY) [Ango]( (Montreal CANADA) [Apparat Organ Quartet]( (Reykjavik ICELAND) [Ben Aqua]( (Austin TX) [Army of Infants ]( (Jamestown OH) [Olafur Arnalds]( (Mosfellsbaer ICELAND) [Ash]( (Downpatrick UK-N. IRELAND) [ASSACRE]( (Austin TX) [Atomic Tom]( (Brooklyn NY) [The Audreys]( (Adelaide AUSTRALIA) [Therese Aune]( (Oslo NORWAY) [Aurum]( (Guadalajara MEXICO) [Avi Avital]( (Jerusalem ISRAEL) [AZARI & III]( (Toronto CANADA) [Baauer]( (New York NY) [Baby E](http://www.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/BABYE) (Virginia Beach AK) [Bad Cop]( (Nashville TN) [Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires]( (Birmingham AL) [Rob Baird]( (Austin TX) [Bajofondo]( (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) [A Band of Bitches]( (Monterrey MEXICO) [The Band of Heathens]( (Austin TX) [Barcelona]( (Seattle WA) [Beach Day]( (Brooklyn NY) [The Beards]( (Adelaide AUSTRALIA) [Bear Mountain]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Beat King]( (Houston TX) [The Belle Game]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Belligerence]( (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND) [Berner]( (San Francisco CA) [The Besnard Lakes]( (Montreal CANADA) [Betzefer]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Bez]( (Lagos NIGERIA) [Bhi Bhiman]( (San Francisco CA) [Bird Peterson]( (Austin TX) [Black Drawing Chalks]( (Goiania BRAZIL) [Black Earth]( (Austin TX) [The Black Lillies]( (Knoxville TN) [Black Lips]( (Atlanta GA) [Carsie Blanton]( (New Orleans LA) [Bleached]( (Los Angeles CA) [Bleeding Rainbow]( (Philadelphia PA) [Blessed Feathers]( (West Bend WI) [Bloody Knives]( (Austin TX) [Bobby Bare (Sr)]( (Nashville TN) [Jonathan Boulet]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [BOY]( (Hamburg GERMANY) [Branzil]( (Houston TX) [Breathe Carolina]( (Denver CO) [Brodinski]( (Reims FRANCE) [Brodka]( (Warsaw POLAND) [Coby Brown]( (Los Angeles CA) [Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [Brown Shoe]( (Folsom CA) [Jake Bugg]( (Nottingham UK-ENGLAND) [Eshon Burgundy](http://www.eSHONBURGUNDY.COM) (Philadelphia PA) [The Cadillac Black]( (Nashville TN) [Kirin J Callinan]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Cambriana]( (Goiânia BRAZIL) [Camera Obscura]( (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) [Candy 66]( (Caracas VENEZUELA) [Matt Cardle]( (Colchester UK-ENGLAND) [The Carper Family]( (Austin TX) [Cars & Trains]( (Portland CA) [Carsick Cars]( (Beijing CHINA) [Tuki Carter]( (Atlanta GA) [Jack Carty]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [The Casket Girls]( (Savannah GA) [Chali 2na]( (Los Angeles CA) [Chappo]( (Brooklyn NY) [Cheeky Blakk]( (New Orleans LA) [Chic Gamine]( (Winnipeg CANADA) [Child Actor]( (Boston MA) [Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons]( (Appleton WI) [Andy Clockwise]( (Los Angeles CA) [Clutch]( (Little Neck NY) [Cold Warps]( (Halifax CANADA) [Andrew Combs]( (Nashville TN) [Communist Daughter]( (Minneapolis MN) [Corizonas]( (Madrid SPAIN) [Count Bass D]( (Atlanta GA) [Paul Couture]( (Austin TX) [Cuchillo]( (Barcelona SPAIN) Culotta Rock (New Orleans LA) [Daltonians]( (Brooklyn NY) Danger Boys (New Orleans LA) [Dat Boi T aka Screwed Up Essay]( (Houston TX) [Southern Hospitality DJ's]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [David Wax Museum]( (Boston MA) [Nataly Dawn]( (San Francisco CA) [Jesse Dayton]( (Austin TX) [Dead Letter Circus]( (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) [Decades]( (Toronto CANADA) [Dedo Caracol]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Deep Sea Diver]( (Seattle WA) [The Deer Tracks]( (Gävle SWEDEN) [Delhi 2 Dublin]( (Vancouver CANADA) [D E N A]( (Berlin GERMANY) [Détective]( (Los Angeles CA) Diamond Dolls (New Orleans LA) [Diana]( (Toronto CANADA) [Die!Die!Die!]( (Remuera NEW ZEALAND) [Dillon]( (Cologne GERMANY) [Diplomats of Solid Sound]( (Iowa City IA) [The Dirty River Boys]( (El Paso TX) [DJ BL3ND]( (Los Angeles CA) [DJ Buddha]( (Houston TX) [DJ DiBiase]( (Atlanta GA) [DJ Hella Yella]( (Austin TX) [Dj Will]( (Jacksonville FL) [The Dollyrots]( (Los Angeles CA) [Doña María]( (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) [Sam Doores + Riley Downing & the Tumbleweeds]( (New Orleans LA) [Dorrough Music]( (Dallas TX) [Dosh]( (Minneapolis MN) [Dream Affair]( (Brooklyn NY) [Dreamend]( (Savannah GA) [Dual Core]( (Cincinnati OH) [DWNTWN]( (Los Angeles CA) [Thomas Dybdahl]( (Sandnes NORWAY) [The Dynamites & Charles Walker]( (Nashville TN) [Eagles of Death Metal]( (Los Angeles CA) [East Cameron Folkcore]( (Austin TX) [Eddi Front]( (Brooklyn NY) [El Campo]( (San Antonio TX) [Electric Eel Shock]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Elephant Stone]( (Montreal CANADA) [The Elwins]( (Keswick CANADA) [Ensemble Yaman]( (Tel aviv ISRAEL) [Equals]( (Austin TX) [Ester Rada]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [The Ettes]( (Nashville TN) [Exhumed]( (San Jose CA) [Fakuta]( (Santiago CHILE) [The Falls]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Family]( (Brooklyn NY) [Faye]( (Stockholm SWEDEN) [Fed of Me]( (McAllen TX) [Feenixpawl]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [Fenech-Soler]( (Peterborough UK-ENGLAND) [Fetsum]( (Berlin GERMANY) [Fielded]( (Los Angeles CA) [Fitz and The Tantrums]( (Los Angeles CA) [Michael Bernard Fitzgerald]( (Calgary CANADA) [Flame]( (St Louis MO) [Fol Chen]( (Highland Park CA) [Steve Forbert]( (Nashville TN) [Dexter Freebish]( (Austin TX) [Freedom Hawk]( (Virginia Beach VA) [French Horn Rebellion]( (Milwaukee WI) [Frightened Rabbit]( (Selkirk UK-SCOTLAND) [Jonny Fritz]( (Nashville TN) [Frontier]( (Chicago IL) [Jessie Frye]( (Denton TX) [G A L P A L S]( (Austin TX) Game Over Hound (New Orleans LA) [Diego Garcia]( (New York NY) [The Gates of Slumber]( (Indianapolis IN) [Gemini Club]( (Chicago IL) [Gerald G]( (Austin TX) [Gesaffelstein]( (Paris FRANCE) [Ghost Beach]( (New York NY) [Ginger & The Ghost]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Sarai Givaty]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Goatwhore]( (New Orleans LA) [GO DJ JB]( (Austin TX) [Golden Bear]( (Austin TX) [Goldroom]( (Los Angeles CA) [Arno Gonzalez]( (Angers FRANCE) [Goonam]( (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) [Goosander]( (Taipei TAIWAN) [Grandfather Child]( (Houston TX) [Kina Grannis]( (Los Angeles CA) [Half Moon Run]( (Montreal CANADA) [Xander Harris]( (Austin TX) Ha Sizzle (New Orleans LA) [Heaven]( (Brooklyn NY) [Heaven's Basement]( (UK-ENGLAND) [Helado Negro]( (Brooklyn NY) [Heliotropes]( (Brooklyn NY) [Heroes X Villains]( (Atlanta GA) [Heyerdahl]( (Oslo NORWAY) [Hey Marseilles]( (Seattle WA) [The Hieroglyphics]( (Oakland CA) [Hills Like Elephants]( (San Diego CA) [KJ Hines]( (Austin TX) [HoodStar Chantz]( (Houston TX) [Hopsin]( (Los Angeles CA) [Houses]( (Chicago IL) [Howl]( (Providence RI) [I Am David Sparkle]( (Singapore SINGAPORE) [IAMDYNAMITE]( (Detroit MI) [I Can Chase Dragons!]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Icona Pop]( (STOCKHOLM SWEDEN) [Idiot Glee]( (Lexington KY) [Indians]( (Copenhagen DENMARK) [Intimate Stranger]( (Santiago CHILE) [Io Echo]( (Los Angeles CA) [Maya Isacowitz]( (Tel-Aviv ISRAEL) [Ivan & Alyosha]( (Seattle WA) [Jackmaster]( (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND) [Jackson Firebird]( (Mildura AUSTRALIA) [JBM]( (Montreal CANADA) [JC Styles]( (New Orleans LA) [Jesca Hoop]( (Manchester UK-ENGLAND) [Jesse Dangerously]( (Halifax CANADA) [JMSN]( (Los Angeles CA) [Jovanotti]( (Cortona ITALY) [Vance Joy]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [Joywave]( (Rochester NY) [July Talk]( (Toronto CANADA) [Kanaku y el Tigre]( (Lima PERU) [Mika Karni - Kol Dodi]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Karpe Diem]( (Oslo NORWAY) [Katey Red]( (New Orleans LA) Kenji (New Orleans LA) [KEN Mode]( (Winnipeg CANADA) [Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds]( (Washington DC) [Kid Simius]( (Berlin GERMANY) [Kids On A Crime Spree]( (Oakland CA) [Killa Kyleon]( (Houston TX) [King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard]( (Carlton AUSTRALIA) [Kisses]( (Los Angeles CA) [Kithkin]( (Seattle WA) [Knifight]( (Austin TX) [Davy Knowles]( (Chicago IL) [Krief]( (Montreal CANADA) [K Será]( (Davis CA) [K-X-P]( (Helsinki FINLAND) [Lake Street Dive]( (Brooklyn NY) [Lance Herbstrong]( (Austin TX) [Jon Langford & Skull Orchard]( (Chicago IL) [Lisa LeBlanc]( (Rosaireville CANADA) [Lemuria]( (Buffalo NY) [Le$]( (Houston TX) [Lightouts]( (Brooklyn NY) [Li'l Cap'n Travis]( (Austin TX) Lil Man (New Orleans LA) [The Limousines]( (Nashville TN) [Linkoban]( (Copenhagen DENMARK) [LITE]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [The Littlest Viking]( (Whittier CA) [Local Natives]( (Los Angeles CA) [Locrian]( (Chicago IL) [The Lonely Wild]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Longshots]( (Fort Worth TX) [Lord Fowl]( (New Haven CT) [Calvin Love]( (Venice CA) [Love Inks]( (Austin TX) [Lovelife]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Lucy Love]( (Copenhagen DENMARK) [Lowdown 30]( (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) [The Low Lows]( (Austin TX) [Scott Lucas & the Married Men]( (Chicago IL) [Lucky Luciano](http://www.ITSLUCKY.NET) (Houston TX) [Luella and the Sun]( (Nashville TN) [Luke Duke]( (Texas City TX) [Lera Lynn]( (Athens GA) [Macklemore & Ryan Lewis]( (Seattle WA) [Madràs]( (Fort Worth TX) Magnolia Rhome (New Orleans LA) [Malacates Trebol Shop]( (Guatemala City GUATEMALA) [Maria Minerva]( (Tallinn ESTONIA) [MARMALAKES]( (Austin TX) [Maserati]( (Athens GA) [Masked Intruder]( (Madison WI) [The Mastersons]( (Brooklyn NY) [MC Jin]( (Los Angeles CA) [Erin McKeown]( (Fredericksburg VA) [Johnathan Mcreynolds](http://www.JONATHANMCREYNOLDS.COM) (Chicago IL) [ME]( (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) [The Meligrove Band]( (Toronto CANADA) [Mellow Bravo]( (Boston MA) [Merchandise]( (Tampa FL) [Millionyoung]( (Fort Lauderdale WA) [Minerals]( (Warsaw POLAND) [Moderatto]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Mona]( (Nashville TN) [Monophonics]( (San Francisco CA) [Moon King]( (Toronto CANADA) [Movus]( (Narvarte Poniente MEXICO) [Mr MFN eXquire]( (Brooklyn NY) [Muneshine]( (Toronto CANADA) [My Darling Clementine]( (Birmingham UK-ENGLAND) [Myka 9 & Factor]( (Los Angeles CA) [Mystic Knights of the Cobra]( (Emeryville CA) [Nakia]( (Austin TX) [Leigh Nash]( (Nashville CA) [Matt Nathanson]( (San Francisco CA) [Naurea]( (Aracaju BRAZIL) [The Neighbourhood]( (Los Angeles CA) [Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk]( (New Orleans LA) [New Politics]( (Brooklyn NY) [Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children]( (Nuuk GREENLAND) [Night Beds]( (Nashville TN) [NO]( (Los Angeles CA) [Sierra Noble]( (Winnipeg CANADA) [Nobody Beats The Drum]( (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS) [No Brain]( (Seoul SOUTH KOREA) [NY Gypsy All-Stars]( (New York NY) [Octant]( (Brooklyn NY) [Oddience]( (Los Angeles CA) [Tom Odell]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Odonis Odonis]( (Toronto CANADA) [Off With Their Heads]( (Minneapolis CA) [Oh No Oh My]( (Austin TX) [ONE4ALL]( (Austin TX) [Open Mike Eagle]( (Los Angeles CA) [Orange Goblin]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [The Orbans]( (Fort Worth TX) [Ozomatli]( (Los Angeles CA) [Pac Div]( (Los Angeles CA) [Papa]( (Los Angeles CA) [Papa Vs. Pretty]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Parenthetical Girls]( (Portland OR) [Mikhael Paskalev]( (Oslo NORWAY) [Pat Jordache]( (Montreal CANADA) [Peter Rosenberg]( (New York NY) [Pink Mink]( (Minneapolis MN) [Pink Nasty]( (Wichita KS) [The Plastics Revolution]( (Mexico City MEXICO) [Pompeii]( (Austin TX) [Pony Pony Run Run]( (Arles FRANCE) [Pool]( (Hamburg GERMANY) [Popeska]( (Atlanta GA) [Prince Paul]( (Long Island NY) [Psychic Friend]( (Los Angeles CA) [Psychic Twin]( (Urbana IL) [Pure Bathing Culture]( (Portland OR) [Quaker City Night Hawks]( (Fort Worth TX) [Quay Meanz]( (Pittsburgh PA) [Queen Kwong]( (Los Angeles CA) [Quit Together]( (Cairo EGYPT) [Races]( (Los Angeles CA) [Ravens & Chimes]( (New York NY) [Red Baraat]( (Brooklyn NY) [Retox]( (San Diego CA) [Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band]( (Nashville IN) [Revolver]( (PARIS FRANCE) [Usman Riaz]( (Karachi PAKISTAN) [Rites Wild]( (Adelaide AUSTRALIA) [Rituals]( (Toronto CANADA) [Julie Roberts]( (Nashville TN) [Rockie Fresh]( (Chicago IL) [Carrie Rodriguez]( (Austin TX) [Daniel Romano]( (Toronto CANADA) [Roxy Roca]( (Austin TX) [Royal Teeth]( (New Orleans LA) [Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics]( (Atlanta GA) [Sad Baby Wolf]( (Albuquerque NM) [Sadistik]( (Seattle WA) [San Saba County]( (Austin TX) [Bruce Saunders]( (Austin TX) [The Savage Rose]( (Copenhagen DENMARK) [Savoir Adore]( (Brooklyn NY) [Scanners]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Scorpion Child]( (Austin TX) [Mike Scott]( (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND) [Sea Lions]( (Oxnard CA) [Sepalcure]( (New York NY) [Shark Week]( (Washington DC) [Billy Joe Shaver]( (Waco TX) [The Sheepdogs]( (Saskatoon CANADA) [SHI 360]( (Haifa ISRAEL) [Sho Baraka]( (Atlanta GA) [Shoes]( (Kenosha WI) [Shugo Tokumaru]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [The Sights]( (Detroit MI) [Silent Diane]( (Austin TX) [Single Mothers]( (London CANADA) [Sirah]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Skatalites]( (Kingston JAMAICA) [Skeleton Coast]( (Fort Worth TX) [Skid Row]( (Toms River NJ) [Skratch Bastid]( (Toronto CANADA) [SKREW]( (Austin TX) [Slim Thug]( (Houston TX) [Slow Magic]( (Denver CO) [Christopher Smith]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Snowmine]( (Brooklyn NY) [So Many Dynamos]( (St Louis MO) [Sonido San Francisco]( (Xonacatlán MEXICO) [Sons of Fathers]( (Austin TX) [Sophie](http://www.MSMSMSM.COM) (London UK-ENGLAND) [Sorne]( (Austin TX) [Sound Mass (My Education + Theta Naught)]( (Austin TX) [Speakerfoxxx]( (Atlanta GA) [Spirit Family Reunion]( (Brooklyn NY) [Splashh]( (London UK-ENGLAND) The Split Squad (Mechanicsburg PA) [SSION]( (New York NY) [Stagnant Pools]( (Bloomington IN) [The Stargazer Lilies]( (New York NY) [Starlings, TN]( (Austin TX) [Andy Statman Trio]( (Brooklyn NY) [The Stepkids]( (Bridgeport CT) [Story Books]( (Isle Of Sheppey UK-ENGLAND) [ST 2 Lettaz]( (Huntsville AL) [Suburban Living]( (Virginia Beach VA) [Super Minotaur]( (South Bend IN) [Suplecs]( (New Orleans LA) [The Suzan]( (Tokyo JAPAN) [Tan Frío el Verano]( (Barquisimeto VENEZUELA) [Teeel]( (Trenton NJ) [Teenage Bottlerocket]( (Laramie WY) [Tegan and Sara]( (Vancouver CANADA) [Texas Hippie Coalition]( (Norman OK) [The Creepy Creeps]( (San Diego CA) [The Thermals]( (Portland OR) [The Vacant Lots]( (Burlington VT) [Patsy Thompson]( (Maple Ridge CANADA) [Tijuana Panthers]( (Long Beach CA) [Today Is The Day]( (New York NY) [The Tom Fun Orchestra]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Tommy Trash]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Tontons]( (Houston TX) [TOY]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Ásgeir Trausti]( (Reykjavik ICELAND) [Trinidad Jame$]( (Atlanta GA) [Ane Trolle]( (Copenhagen DENMARK) [Tropics]( (Southampton UK-ENGLAND) [The Trouble With Templeton]( (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) [True Believers]( (Austin TX) [Shonna Tucker]( (Athens GA) [Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls]( (Winchester UK-ENGLAND) [Turtle Giant]( (Macau MACAU) [TV Ghost]( (Lafayette IN) [Twigs & Yarn]( (Austin TX) [Useless Eaters]( (Nashville TN) [Onda Vaga]( (Buenos Aires ARGENTINA) [Chad Valley]( (Oxford UK-ENGLAND) [Valleys]( (Montreal CANADA) [Vampire Weekend]( (New York NY) [Tori Vasquez]( (Lubbock TX) [Vimes]( (Cologne GERMANY) [Vintage Trouble]( (Los Angeles CA) [The Warriors Atx]( (Austin TX) [Waxahatchee]( (Philadelphia PA) [Wax Idols]( (Oakland CA) [Wax Poetic]( (New York NY) [Allison Weiss]( (Brooklyn NY) [Western Medicine]( (Nashville TN) [Weyes Blood]( (Philadelphia PA) [What Made Milwaukee Famous]( (Austin TX) [Whiskey Shivers]( (Austin TX) [Wild Belle]( (Chicago IL) [The Wilderness of Manitoba]( (Toronto CANADA) [The Wild Feathers]( (Nashville TN) [Wild Seeds](!/thewildseeds) (Austin TX) [Devon Williams]( (Los Angeles CA) [Jason D. Williams]( (Memphis TN) [Willy Moon]( (London UK-ENGLAND) [Jack Wilson]( (Austin TX) [WIM]( (Sydney AUSTRALIA) [Zach Winters]( (Norman OK) [Wo Fat]( (Dallas TX) [The Woggles]( (Atlanta GA) [Chevy Woods]( (Pittsburgh PA) [Yolanda Be Cool]( (Los Angeles CA) [Sidney York]( (Calgary CANADA) [Conner Youngblood]( (Dallas TX) [The Young Professionals]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL) [Yung Nation]( (Dallas TX) [Zion I]( (Oakland CA) [Zodiac]( (Toronto CANADA) [Z-Ro]( (Houston TX) [Zvuloon Dub System]( (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)