Rainforest Partnership to Host an Earth Day Happy Hour at Lustre Pearl

Written by Jordan Roberts | Monday, Apr 15, 2013

Rainforest Partnership to Host an Earth Day Happy Hour at Lustre Pearl

Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and it is the perfect time to reevaluate how our consumption here in Texas can have global impacts. Rainforest Partnership invites you to join a special Earth Day Happy Hour at Lustre Pearl on April 19 from 5pm-9pm to "take a breath, and thank a rainforest."

Imagine if you took the state of Texas and superimposed it over the Amazon. That is almost the size of land that petroleum companies have earmarked for oil and gas exploration. In a recent Guardian article, environmentalist Matt Finer says, “When you look at where the oil and gas blocks are, they overlap perfectly on top of the peak biodiversity spots, almost as if by design, and this is in one of the most, if not the most biodiversity place on Earth."

While Austin’s fuel economy is exponentially growing due to the rapid development, Austin organizations are also trying to help right at the source. SXSW has had a long partnership with Rainforest Partnership, the only local Austin nonprofit dedicated to rainforest conservation. By partnering with rainforest communities in Latin America, Rainforest Partnership has become a leader in developing sustainable economic alternatives to deforestation. Rainforest Partnership works closely with indigenous communities to develop sustainable income-generating activities, making it more profitable for them to leave the forest standing.

To date Rainforest Partnership has created sustainable income sources in Ecuador and Peru based on ecotourism and artisan products. Most recently, Rainforest Partnership’s work with women artisans in Sani Isla, Ecuador has empowered them to create a business and have a voice in protecting their indigenous owned land against destructive petroleum extraction.

In true Austin style, learn more about how Rainforest Partnership is connecting Austin to the Amazon rainforest at the Earth Day Happy Hour at Lustre Pearl on April 19. The Happy Hour features live music, drinks, free food from Lustre Pearl’s taco truck and much more! All proceeds from ticket and raffle sales go directly to funding projects in the rainforest.

Buy a ticket for the happy hour here. If you can’t make the happy hour, create a fundraising page on “Take a Breath, and Thank a Rainforest.”