SXSW Eco Launch Party Tomorrow!

Written by Corinna Burford | Friday, Mar 8, 2013
<span class="caption left"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/TO%20ME%20sneakpeek.jpg?itok=duLaBEzT" width="220" height="165" alt="" class="image-medium" />TO ME Sneak Peek: Shoes not included.</span>[SXSW]( is about learning, gaining inspiration and meeting new people–all of our events foster collaboration and innovation while providing our registrants with an unforgettable time. The [SXSW Eco]( and Geostellar [launch party]( on March 9th at Blackheart, 6-9pm will bring together registrants interested in sustainability, cleantech, design and related fields to mingle and celebrate the launch of these two forward-thinking enterprises. The party is co-hosted by [Geostellar: the Sustainable Energy Network]( and will include tacos, an open bar, music from Jason Bentley of [KCRW]( and Amelia Raley of [Austin Phonograph Company](, and projections from Laurel Barickman of [RecSpec]( Consider it a mashup of the past and the future, a concept perfectly illustrated by public art collective [Illegal Art's]( TO ME. For SXSW Eco, New York and Tel Aviv based-artists Otis Kriegel and Michael McDevitt conceived TO ME, an interactive installation that will be debuted at Blackheart on Saturday. From the artists' description: >No matter what image is on the front, a trailer park, a mountaintop, a beach, a castle or a museum, the postcard is the ubiquitous method of sharing time and place with others and a “wish you were here” theme. Now it’s time for you to reminisce and reflect upon where you are now and where you may be in the future. >Remove a postcard from any of the envelopes stamped “TO”. Address it to yourself. Share this moment, hopes for the next months and anything else you’d like your future self to know. Return the card to the envelope and seal it. It will be stamped “ME”. You will be sent the postcard in approximately six months, as a memorial to your past self and in honor of you in the future. [Blackheart]( is located on Rainey Street, just south of the Austin Convention Center. The street will be closed to public traffic so please walk or bike. See you soon!