SXSW Film at the InterContinental

Written by Corinna Burford | Wednesday, Mar 6, 2013
<span class="caption right"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/Film%20Closing_JW11_1.JPG?itok=u_12FyOt" width="220" height="147" alt="" class="image-medium" />Image Courtesy of JW Walthall</span>The InterContinental Hotel is the new hub for film at SXSW 2013! Open between March 8th-12th, film registrants can come and enjoy: **The Film Workroom** Open 9am-5pm between Friday March 8 and Tuesday March 12, the [Workroom]( is the perfect place for film, gold and platinum registrants to take a break from hustle and bustle of SXSW to check emails, upload files and get work done in a quiet, professional setting. **The Come & Capture Film Factory** Giving access to the best in new, accessible film technology, the [Come & Capture Film Factory]( (Open between March 9th-12) provides hands on learning experiences, through panels, workshops and a demo pavilion. **Fandango Lounge** [The Fandango lounge](, open from 9am-5pm March 8-12, is a great new space for filmmakers, fans and other film registrants meet, catch up on email or relax with a cup of coffee. If cocktails are more your speed, come by during our daily happy hour from 3-5pm. **Happy Hours** Presented by Yekra, Mozilla/Firefox, Blackmagic Design, The Guilds and the Wyoming and Montana Film Offices, happy hours at the InterContintental bar (from 5pm -7pm) provide an engaging, relaxed environment to discuss and network with other registrants between a full day of SXSW programming and a great night of premieres and parties. **Late Nights at the InterContinental bar** Open to all film registrants and the general public, the InterContinental bar is the best late night spot to wind down and interact with others in the industry after a long day of films, panels and parties.