SXSW Interactive 2013 Staff Recommended Programming: Katie King, Danielle Zamora and Jessica Cox

Written by Sarah Garcia | Friday, Mar 1, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/katie%2C%20danielle%20and%20jessica.png?itok=pXAvcRp1" width="480" height="183" alt="Katie King, Danielle Zamora and Jessica Cox" title="Katie King, Danielle Zamora and Jessica Cox" class="image-large" />(L-R) Katie King, Danielle Zamora and Jessica Cox </span> The SXSW Staff has worked very hard to bring the 2013 event to fruition. We represent all walks of life from within the community that comes together in Austin each spring. Staff have the extremely through the <a href = "">SXSW PanelPicker</a>. We asked staff members Katie King, Danielle Zamora and Jessica Cox the following question... <h2>"What are you most excited about for SXSW Interactive 2013?"</h2> <h3>Keynotes</h3> <strong>Katie King</strong>: <a href="">Julie Erhman</a> – such an inspiring woman! I just love her. <strong>Jessica Cox</strong>: <a href="">Tina Roth Eisenberg</a> because she is the queen of productivity and positivity. <h3>Featured Sessions</h3> <strong>Danielle Zamora</strong>: I'm excited to hear Clay Johnson speak at his featured session, <a href="">The Information Diet</a>. Never mind it's a play on an actual diet regarding the overconsumption of information, but actually hearing the effects that can come from this info overload and how to tune out the noise sounds awesome. <strong>Jessica</strong>: <a href="">David Carr</a> – cannot wait to hear his insightful perspective on paywalls and what happens when some people get information and others don't. <h3>Meet Ups</h3> <strong>Katie</strong>: In addition to the Meet Ups scheduled throughout the Interactive Festival, the <a href="">Meet Up Pavilion</a> located within the Trade Show will host several compelling Meet Ups. I am especially keen on the "I Met My Agency" series of Meet Ups, <a href="">here's</a> an example of one. <h3>Trade Show</h3> <strong>Katie</strong>: I'm super excited about the new Startup Corner within the <a href="">SXSW Trade Show</a>. This will be ground zero for exhibiting startups complete with a networking lounge. A great place to discover newly launched products and services at SXSW. <h3>Lounges</h3> <strong>Katie</strong>: <a href="">The PayPal Exchange</a> will be super fun – complete with slurpees! I'm also excited to check out <a href="">Fleishman Hillard's Black Box</a> at the Four Seasons. <h3>By Date: Tuesday, March 12 sessions</h3> <strong>Danielle</strong>: I'm most excited about <a href="">Spread the Happy, Save the World</a> in the Work & Career theme. It's said to cover "why satisfaction in the workplace yields high levels of efficiency and significant feelings of fulfillment". I'm a true believer in this and would love to see the talk especially coming from one of the panelists, James Key Lim, who was one of's first employees to work with CEO, Tony Hsieh (who just happens to be our SXSW V2V opening keynote!). <h3>Venue</h3> <strong>Danielle</strong>: I will most likely be visiting the <a href="">Courtyard Marriott</a> to see some of the Work & Career programming. I'm so interested in knowing what organizations are doing to increase productivity and enhance their environment. And, I think it's interesting to see what career paths people have taken to get where they are today. <h3> People I'm Most Excited to Meet</h3> <strong>Jessica</strong>: I'm most excited to meet our incredible group of 2013 volunteers! Their hard work and dedication is what makes our blueprints realities! <h3>What is your favorite / best story of a serendipitous encounter at a previous SXSW</h3> <strong>Danielle</strong>: I, obviously, don't keep in touch with him anymore so I don't know if this is "serendipitous". But, when I met Biz Stone (co-founder and creative director of Twitter) in 2012, we were chatting and we ended up talking about food trends. I brought up cake balls and he had never heard of them. He was amazed to hear about these little guys. Now, whenever I'm eating a cake ball with friends, I always say, "You know, I taught one of the co-founders of Twitter about cake balls." Proud moment indeed. <strong>Jessica</strong>: My favorite serendipitous encounter was the 2012 meeting of Rainn Wilson and Frank Warren as they passed in the backstage shadows. They shared equal admiration for each other's work and talked about collaborating in the future. You never know what great person or project is around the corner at SXSW! <em>Thanks to Katie King, Danielle Zamora and Jessica Cox for contributing to this post. Stay tuned to the <a href="">blog</a>, <a href="!/sxsw">follow us</a>, <a href="">friend us</a>, or <a href="">add us</a> for more Advisory Board recommendations in the coming days...</em>