VegasTech Goes Big, Not Home

Written by Sarah Garcia | Tuesday, Jan 29, 2013
<span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/news/image/VegasTech_Green_byMarkJohnson.png" width="480" height="319" alt="Vegastech logo by Mark Johnson" title="Vegastech logo by Mark Johnson" class="image-large" />VegasTech logo by Mark Johnson</span> <p>To some – okay, many – Vegas is just a place to party.</p> <p>Beyond the glitz and glam of the Strip, there's a very different kind of community emerging. VegasTech is a collection of tech innovators and entrepreneurs with a fierce sense of pride and desire to make Vegas the <a href="">#1 new tech hot spot</a>, and they're bringing it all to Austin in March.</p> <p>The first-ever <a href="">community representation</a> at SXSW Interactive, VegasTech will showcase some of its top startups at the Trade Show, as well as an interview booth hosted by media partner Tech Cocktail. </p> <p>They're also throwing some must-attend events: a swanky <a href="">cocktail hour networking party</a> on Sunday, March 10 and a <a href="">blowout bash</a> on the night of Monday, March 11. Registration is open now, so reserve your spot before they fill up.</p> <p>And, as we <a href="">announced</a> a few months ago, SXSW is coming to Vegas! In August, we're hosting the inaugural SXSW V2V event for the tech entrepreneur community. Come to the <a href="">meetup</a> on Saturday, March 9 to find out what <em>will</em> "happen" in Vegas.</p> <em>Contributed by Gabe Shepherd</em>