What Would "Year Round SX Guy" Do?

Written by Chris Patin | Sunday, Mar 10, 2013

As the first weekend of SXSW 2013 comes to an end, ask yourself what would "Year Round SX Guy" do? He would remember that this is actually only the beginning and that there is still a seemingly endless number of events to attend over the next seven days. One of which will be a music showcase hosted by freecreditscore.com at the IFC Crossroads House, featuring Divine Fits, Pickwick, Ambassadors and more!

In attendance will be the original Freecreditscore.com band leader, Eric, buying rounds and handing out free swag. If you manage to spot Eric's face in the crowd then be sure to share your sightings along with your concert pics to #faceinthecrowd and follow @creditscore on Twitter and Instagram.