Two New Straight-to-the-Point Sessions Added to SXSW Eco Lineup

Written by Ariel Miller | Friday, Aug 22, 2014

Written by Brittany Guy

We are excited to announce two sessions that will join the Straight-to-the-Point (STTP) speaker series at SXSW Eco this October:

Photo courtesy of American Rivers

Mapping: Creatively Combining Advocacy + Science

When discussing the widening disconnect between human and nature, technology is often viewed as part of the problem rather than a solution. Here at SXSW Eco we know there are many sides to every story and strive to feature new developments that are bridging the gap between us and the great outdoors.

That’s why we are excited to announce the addition of a new session Mapping: Creatively Combining Advocacy + Science to the 2014 schedule. This Straight to the Point talk will be led by Serena McClain and Devin Dotson from American Rivers, a river conservation organization based in DC. Join them as they discuss their recent collaboration with Google Maps Street View and the future of maps as tools for collecting data and inspiring action.

Thanks to American River’s partnership with Google Maps, you can now virtually explore 286 breathtaking miles of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon from anywhere using the interactive technology. Users can trek through America’s most endangered river and marvel at it’s beauty while learning about the massive threats facing the Colorado.

Check out the river for yourself here and visit the American River website to learn more about their efforts to protect our water sources. Join us in October to hear more about the project and get tips on how to leverage mapping tools and collaboration to reach new audiences with your message.

Direct Public Offerings for Healthy Communities

Photo courtesy of CuttingEdgeX

As part of the Business and Finance programming track, John Katovich from Cutting Edge Capital will present a Straight to the Point Talk on Direct Public Offerings for Healthy Communities.

Direct Public Offerings or (DPO’s) are a type of investment crowdfunding that allows small and medium sized companies to sell securities directly to the public. DPO’s don’t require investors to be accredited and therefore allow anyone to impact businesses and startups they are passionate about.

During his Straight to the Point, John will address the problems inflicted on communities by mainstream capital raising, and the solution that Direct Public Offerings provide. He will explain how the direct and more personal nature of investment crowdfunding can foster community and loyalty for a healthier neighborhood, and encourage growth of socially responsible companies.

Join John at SXSW Eco in October to learn how you and your company can be part of the New Economy, and the movement to “move your money from Wall Street to Main Street.”

Photos courtesy of American Rivers and CuttingEdgeX