Gaming Snapshot: Mobile Continues to Rise

Written by Estevan Aviles | Wednesday, Jan 6, 2016
Photo by Ziv Kruger

Each year brings new trends for the gaming industry, but one trend that no one expected to do so well continues to rise at an exponential rate. What does the future of gaming entail? And what will be the new device when we think of video games?

  • It’s been said for quite some time that mobile games will replace traditional blockbuster titles on consoles, but now we have proof.

Earlier last year, a huge fiasco ensued when Japanese gaming leader Konami first announced a split in relationship from long-time and highly-revered developer Hideo Kojima. However, what came as an even bigger surprise was when Konami CEO’s announced that their “new primary gaming platform would be mobile” and would cease almost all production on console games.

  • Even Nintendo, creator of the Nintendo 3DS, has succumb to the mobile wave and started to develop their first mobile game.

Following an announced partnership between Nintendo and mobile publishing giant DENA earlier last year, there has been much anticipation for what will surely be the greatest indicator of a new gaming landscape: Nintendo’s first mobile game. With delays indicating a release at some point early this year, we’re extremely excited to see what happens when the Wild West of mobile games meets one of gaming’s greatest developers.

And why is everyone switching to mobile? Well, if the data holds true, it’s probably because 68% of adults now own smartphones while only 40% own consoles. Not only that, mobile devices make it into the hands of children and young adults much more often than consoles do. Don’t be surprised as we start seeing more and more AAA console games start to become AAA mobile games.

  • And for the elephant in the room, how did mobile become so successful? Can it continue to be so?

If you’ve ever used a mobile game before, then you’re all too familiar with microtransactions. These little bits of cash flow over an extended period of time amount to some incredible levels of profit, but at the cost of deception over customers and exploitation of bad habits. Even superstar Kanye West has felt the impact of mobile gaming with his own child making a purchase every five minutes, an experience that several parents share every day.

If mobile gaming continues to go the way it's heading, will it continue to be successful? Or will it crumble under sure-to-come regulations and have all the investments and leaps of faith that major companies are now taking go to the wayside? Time will only tell, but you can have your very own inside look at where this industry is going during SXSW Gaming 2016!

Photo by Ziv Kruger

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