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Friday, Feb 5, 2016

Biz Stone on Putting the Humanity Back into Search [INTERVIEW]

Written by Megan Collyer

Named one of the most influential people in the world by TIME, Biz Stone, says that the thing he loves the most is helping people. That’s the aim of his new search engine, Jelly, which has a goal of putting the “humanity” back into search. Join Stone in conversation with...

Friday, Feb 5, 2016

Health and MedTech Checkup: Insights and Tips from a Physician & SXSW Veteran

Written by Dana Abramovitz

SXSW had the privilege to sit down with Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Baylor College of Medicine, clinician at Texas Children’s Hospital, writer of 33 Charts, and an avid seeker of technology’s applications to medicine. Fortunately for us, he is also part of the SXSW Health &...