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Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015

Inside the PanelPicker: Delivery-On-Demand Economy Grows

Written by Hugh Forrest

The delivery-on-demand mindset is driving much of the innovation in today’s tech world. The development of services like Instacart mean you may never have to go to the grocery store again. Uber is transitioning from moving people to moving products – such as high-quality meals. Meanwhile, companies like Amazon envision...

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

Inside the PanelPicker: TV as We Know it is Dying

Written by Hugh Forrest

While the SXSW PanelPicker helps decide the bulk of content for the 2016 SXSW Interactive Festival, it also helps us identify general industry trends before they become more obvious. In some cases, however, the trends that we see in the PanelPicker mimic trends that are already fairly apparent.

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015

Inside the PanelPicker: Austin, Sex and Books Decrease in 2016

Written by Hugh Forrest

On Monday, August 10, SXSW launched public voting and commentary on the 4000+ speaking proposals in the 2016 PanelPicker. This process remains open through Friday, September 4 and the bulk of accepted sessions from the PanelPicker will be announced October 19. The open-nature of this interface reflects the...

Monday, Aug 17, 2015

Inside the PanelPicker: Sharp Growth in Diversity Ideas

Written by Hugh Forrest

Be sure to browse, vote and comment on your favorite PanelPicker proposals before this interface closes at the end of the day on Friday, September 4. Established in 2007, this interface empowers the community to help determine the bulk of content at the 2016 SXSW Interactive Festival. Constructive feedback...