Thursday, Mar 31, 2016

Dr. Norman Winarsky, “If You Really Want to Change the World" [Recap]

Silicon Valley’s popular approach to creating new ventures is rooted in trial and error—test markets with new concepts and a minimum amount of capital – and in hope for valuable businesses to emerge. Dr. Norman Winarsky, the co-founder of Siri, argues that this “fail fast, pivot often” approach doesn’t apply...

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016

Chris Urmson Explain Google's Self-Driving Car Project [VIDEO]

Written by Rion Thompson

Self-driving car technology has experienced significant developments in recent years, thanks in large part to Google's Self-Driving Car Project. Check out Chris Urmson's explanation about the advances the Project has made and will make, and learn more about a technology that will change all of our lives for the better....