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SXSW Environmental Mission Statement

SXSW acknowledges and takes responsibility for its environmental impacts. SXSW will demonstrate leadership in its efforts to integrate principles of environmental sustainability into its organizational practices. By promoting awareness of the environmental impact that our actions have within our corporate culture we hope to find solutions that limit and mitigate the environmental effects of our operations and events.
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Green Mountain Energy Reduces Carbon Offsets at SXSW Interactive 2016

Green Mountain Energy, a renewable energy provider, is excited to work with SXSW Interactive to offset the estimated carbon footprint of speaker travel. Green Mountain will calculate emissions and support projects that reduce the same amount of carbon.

Friday, Nov 1, 2013

SXSW Helps Bring B-Cycles to Austin!

Written by Ellen Burris

Locals can all relate to the nuisance of having to plan their days around avoiding Austin’s atrocious traffic. Austin’s steadily increasing traffic problems are unfortunately growing faster than the development of our traditional public transportation system. But have no fear, the tides are finally changing! The Bike Share Program is...