2014 SXSW Accelerator Advisory Board

The individuals listed below are instrumental to the success of the 2014 SXSW Accelerator pitch competition presented by Oracle. Their hard work, diligence and support in bringing together the future of the technology industry to the SXSW Accelerator event is greatly appreciated.

Please also browse the list of regional and national experts who make up the 2014 SXSW Accelerator Qualifying Committee, Coaches and On-Site Coaches.

Karen Allen
TAG Strategic
Los Angeles, CA
Digital Strategist, Connector, Startup Junkie

Liz Bacelar
Decoded Fashion
Ardsley, NY
Decoded Fashion Founder

Mikal E. Belicove
Entrepreneur Magazine
Las Vegas, NV
Business/Tech Journalist

Aman Bhandari
Boston, MA

Passionate about data!

Josh Bob
Experian QAS
Brookline, MA
Giant slush aficionado

Liam Boogar
Rude Baguette
Paris, France
European tech thought-leader

Colin Brumelle
Twitter, Inc
San Francisco, CA
Software Eng. Manager / entrepreneur

Marcelo Calbucci
Seattle, WA
Entrepreneur, runner, father

Jeremy Caplan
Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism
New York, NY
Journalism educator

Cameo Carlson
Borman Entertainment
Nashville, TN
Digital ninja

Christina Chase
Cambridge, MA
Thinker, operator, guide

Kelly Clay
Seattle, WA
Journalist & social strategist

David Cohn
San Francisco, CA

Journalist, entrepreneur, happy

Jason Denenberg
Launch Tennessee
Nashville TN
Passionate about the startup ecosystem

Jonny Farringdon
Pittsburg, PA
Inventor, scientist, designer 

Jason Feinberg
Epitaph Records
Los Angeles CA
Digital Strategy Executive

Abby Fichtner
Harvard Innovation Lab
Allston, MA
Hacker chick

Nate Gadgibalaev
Web development, web infrastructure / hosting solutions 

Owen Geronimo
San Francisco, CA
Creative, Charismatic, Innovator

Jonathan Gottfried
New York, NY
Hacker, evangelist, teacher

Norman Graham
Palo Alto, CA
Startup mentor, machine learning, MongoDB

Jacek Grebski
New York, NY
Data aficionado

Nathan Gross
Doximity and Rock Health
San Francisco, CA
Pay it forward

Mike Gursha
Rye, NY
Entrepreneur, innovator, strategist

Jamie Hall
Boston, MA
Mobile technology entrepreneur

Donna Harris
Washington, DC
Startup junkie mom

Alicia Heazlitt
International Center for Long Term Care Innovation
Louisville, KY
Creative, collaborative start-up connector

Jonathan Hirsch
Palo Alto, CA
Syapse founder & neuroscientist 

Bruce Houghton
Skyline Music
Whitefeld, NH
Music entrepreneur

Cam Houser
3Day Start Up
Austin, TX
University entrepreneurship, education entrepreneur

Nadeem Kassam
BioBeats, Inc
Vancouver, BC
Entrepreneur, father, and lover of life

Eric Kavanagh
The Bloor Group
Wimberley, TX
Agile, curious, excitable 

Michael Kindrat-Pratt
i2E, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK
Energized, concentrated, thrifty

David Knox
Cincinnati, OH
Digital brand builder & marketer

Jennifer Lee
San Francisco, CA
Writer, Publisher, CEO

Jennifer Masset
New York, NY
Music/Technology Strategist

Eric Mathews
Start Co.
Memphis, TN
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder

Kate Matsudaira
Seattle, WA
Hacker, leader, entrepreneur 

Ian McKellar
Ian McKellar
San Francisco, CA
Hacker, maker, eater

Tim Moore
Venture Glass CrushIQ
Wilmington, NC
I live in the future

Robert Burns Nixon
San Francisco, CA
Smart, relevant, compelling

Oscar Yasser Noriega
Pocket Supernova Inc,
Mountain View, CA
Serial tech entrepreneur

John Nosta
Maven Communications
Basking Ridge, NJ
Health innovationist

Sanjay Parekh
Startup Riot and Founder Fables
Atlanta, GA
Startup anthropologist

Amanda Parkes
Skinteractive Studio
New York, NY
Style through science 

Aron Pilhofer
The New York Times

New York, NY
Aggressively collaborative

Joey Pomerenke
Startup Weekend
Seattle, Washington
Entrepreneur and travel junkie

Carlos Rodarte
Cambridge, MA
Strategic, bold, driven

Dharmishta Rood
Code for America
San Francisco, CA
Civic, technology, optimist

Marc Ruxin
San Francisco, CA
Culture, technology, curation

Jan Schaffer
J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism
Washington, DC

Creative, Energetic, Grounded

Adam Schoenfeld
Simply Measured
Seattle, WA
Data Geek

Jeff Slobotski
Silicon Prairie News
Omaha, NE
Builder, connector of dots, looking for the next creative idea

Reed Smith
Social Health Institute
San Antonio, TX
Healthcare digital media

Mike Steely
Little Rock, AR
Innovative passionate creative

Unity Stoakes
StartUp Health
New York, NY
“Do or do not. There is no try!”

Erica Swallow
Cambridge, MA
Entrepreneur, Journalist, MBA

Carla Swiryn
Agency Innovate
San Francisco, CA
Forward-thinking, honest, friendly

Todd Tate
Avenue Live
San Francisco, CA
Music, business, tech 

Rick Turoczy
Silicon Florist
Portland, OR
Obsessed with Portland

Adil Wali
Burlingame, CA
Product-focused entrepreneur

Amy Webb
Webbmedia Group
Spark Camp
Baltimore, MD
Curious, clever, clarinetist

Brad Weinberg, MD
Blueprint Health, ShapeUp
New York, NY
Loves healthcare entrepreneurs

Kevin Winston
Digital LA
Beverly Hills, CA
Energetic, fun, red

Jay Zalowitz
Generator Lab
San Francisco, CA
Hacker and founder

Brian Zisk
SF MusicTech Summit
San Francisco, CA
Visionary connector / entrepreneur