SXSW Corporate Sustainability Policy

Corporate Sustainability at SXSW


As an event, SXSW is a varied and elaborate production that encompasses conventions, tradeshows, music and film festivals, and various marketing platforms. As a corporation SXSW believes in the benefits of responsible corporate citizenship and recognizes that environmental issues are an important measuring-stick that distinguishes one event from another. 

SXSW Environmental Mission Statement

SXSW LLC acknowledges and takes responsibility for its environmental impacts. SXSW will demonstrate leadership in its efforts to integrate principles of environmental sustainability into its organizational practices. By promoting awareness of the environmental impact that our actions have within our corporate culture we hope to find solutions that limit and mitigate the environmental effects of our operations and events. 

Our Environmental Focus

SXSW will give priority to positive actions that benefit the environment and will assess and seek to mitigate where possible any negative environmental impacts arising in the following areas listed in order of priority:

  • Year-Round Operations – The SXSW corporate office engages in the year-round operation of planning and organizing for our annual festivals and conferences in Austin, TX. These operations are the most accessible and adaptable in terms of engaging in environmental best practices. From resource conservation to community involvement, SXSW is committed to addressing the environmental impact of our year-round activities.

  • Annual Conferences and Festivals – SXSW works to address opportunities to implement environmental best practices as they arise, in relation to production of our conferences and festivals, which are directly under the control of SXSW during our annual events. Waste reduction and energy efficient production design are examples of the many efforts that SXSW takes to mitigate our environmental impact during the event.

  • Third-party Stakeholders and External Contractors – By working with venues, suppliers, the community and attendees, SXSW hopes to address opportunities and support environmental best practices by third-party entities. We try to work closely with external parties including the ‘upstream’ practices of suppliers, partners, the City of Austin, and numerous venues. We also work to minimize and address the ‘downstream’ environmental effects of conference delegates, attendees, sales clients and the general community.

Evaluation and Implementation

Through proper measurement and analysis of the environmental impact that our event has SXSW believes that we can empirically address key areas where action can be taken. Please visit for details about specific efforts towards the reduction of our environmental impact and implementation of environmental best practices.