Flying Lotus' Talent Steps Into a Virtual World

Written by Dempsey Jones | Friday, Sep 6, 2013

A few months ago, my coworker, Rory, passed the short film, “Until The Quiet Comes,” over to me. This video, which was featured in this year's SXSW Film Festival, is an amazing four minute piece that features music from Flying Lotus’ 2012 album, Until The Quiet Comes. The piece is an aesthetically appealing feature that gave me chills and made me think, “Who is this Flying Lotus guy?”

He’s Flying Lotus, Captain Murphy, Steven Ellison - a man of many names and a jack of all trades. He has four albums under his belt, three since signing with Warp Records in 2007. Yet his discography is only one representation of his many talents. He is a rapper, producer, filmmaker, the face behind all of the great songs you hear on Adult Swim, and, for all of my gamers out there, he is what you will be listening to when you get your hands on Grand Theft Auto V this month.

The guys over at Grand Theft Auto told Rolling Stone that they met Flying Lotus at South by Southwest, and he was the first person they approached for the part. Therefore, his role in this game is valuable. Music, whether it be in films, elevators, or video games, sets an atmosphere and tone for the current experience. For Grand Theft Auto, not only is Flying Lotus an ideal artist for their desired ambiance, but his prestige and talent sets a high precedence for the game. So while you’re cruising around the fictional city of Los Santos, you can tune in to FlyLo FM, hosted and programmed by Flying Lotus. In addition to tuning in to hear his personal tracks, FlyLo FM will feature other SXSW artists such as Machinedrum, Hudson Mohawke, Thundercat, and Flying Lotus’ rapping persona, Captain Murphy. Grand Theft Auto V will even feature stations from SXSW 2009 & 2013 Showcasing Artist, Wavves, and 2008 Featured Speaker, DJ Pooh.

There is no doubt that Flying Lotus has more projects in the mix, so until we can all get out hands on Grand Theft Auto V to check out some of his exclusive tracks, tune in to hear Flying Lotus on EDJ this Friday at 12pm & 6pm CDT; and Saturdays at 12am & 9pm CDT.


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