The League Of Extraordinary G'z Release Debut Album "#LEAGUESHIT"

Written by B Hobbs | Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013

The League of Extraordinary G'z

The era of the album is dying in the world of hip hop. These days, more and more artists are focusing on releasing as many free singles and mixtapes as possible. So its very rare for a group to spend almost four years crafting and perfecting their debut album. That doesn't mean the League Of Extraordinary G'z have gone four years without releasing new music: they have released five full-length mixtapes, an EP with Shane Eli, and countless singles. But the one thing that remained constant was they were always working on their debut album, #LEAGUESHIT.

When asked why they decided to release an album in this climate of declining sales and increased illegal downloading, League member Lowkey says "we felt like we owed it to our fans who've been with us for the past few years to give them an actual album full of dope original music. We did our share of mixtapes too, we did 3 Concealed Weapons, 2 Loftin In Austin, and the Plug EP with Shane Eli. But it was just time to take that next step and show people that we're not just 'mixtape rappers'. We can actually put together a solid original full-length project that doesn't sound like a jumbled mess cuz there's so many of us. I think people are gonna trip out when they hear it."

Group member Greezo describes the four-year recording process by saying "It was a journey. When we first started recording, the 3 different groups were still learning how this league shit might work. Going on 5 tours helped strengthen our bond. Losing Esbe (founding member Esbe Da 6th St. Bully passed away on October 14th, 2011) unfortunately was the fire under our ass in which we knew we had to finish the album and release it. Needless to say its been a long journey." But yesterday, that journey ultimately came to an end with the release of the album on iTunes and

Tune into Tha Fixx Radio on SXSWfm today at 12pm, 6pm, & midnight Central to hear a couple of the album's best tracks such as "I’m Alive" featuring Grupo Fantasma and "Still Bigger" with Dead Prez. Listen to SXSWfm on your smartphone or desktop by clicking here.

Photo Courtesy of Audible Treats