SXSWfm 2014 Band Spotlight: Casual Sex

Written by Ali Killian | Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013

SXSW 2014 Band Casual Sex

UK band, Casual Sex, is making a splash in US territory. After performing at CMJ Music Marathon and opening some gigs for Franz Ferdinand, Casual Sex is working on their first album, not to mention, gearing up for their SXSW 2014 appearance.

The Glasgow foursome is made up of vocalist Sam Smith, bass player Peter Masson, guitarist Edward Wood, and Chris McCrory on the drums.

Casual Sex seems to have an edge, and that is not just referring to their sound. The band’s formation was put in motion when Sam, the band’s vocalist, decided to create a studio project at his workplace, The Green Door Studio. By the time the band fell into place, the members already had a place to record and a knack for producing their own music.

In the early stages of its musical career, Casual Sex has plenty of room for development. Much like the name of the band, the lyrics are anything but shy: most of the songs revolve around past relationships, even the casual ones. Their music has heavy post-punk and 70s glam influences. While you can’t help but compare Casual Sex’s sound to the likes of The Clash, singer Sam Smith has an eerie resemblance to the riffs of Lou Reed.

Chris McCrory told WOW247: “It’s funny, there is a very definite Casual Sex sound but we weren’t ever aware of it, nor were there any deliberate aesthetic decisions made to shape it.”

Their five track EP, The Bastard Beat, was released in late November. While their band name is something you should probably think twice about googling, their EP is hard to overlook. Serving you a mouthful of snarl, sleaze, and humor, the lads of Casual Sex have conjured up an EP that will not only have you anticipating their album release, but also dying to see what they bring to the table on stage.

You can listen to songs off of Casual Sex’s EP, like “Nothing On Earth” and “The Sound of Casual Sex,” along with other songs from 2014 artists on SXSWfm. To launch the SXSWfm player on your mobile device or desktop, click here.

Casual Sex photo courtesy of the artist