TNGHT: How I Fell in Love with EDM All Over Again

Written by Dempsey Jones | Thursday, Aug 22, 2013

My first introduction into the world of Trap began when the magical beats of TNGHT first fell upon my ears. I’ll be upfront about how much this changed my love for Electronic Dance Music. First off, the term “Trap” is used quite heavily to describe a genre. Like all subgenres, this placement is subjective, so for the sake of this post I am going to place TNGHT within the category of Trap.

Lunice Pierre & Hudson Mohawke make up the electronic duo that performed at SXSW in 2012. Their debut EP dropped only a few months after their successful showcase. With this release, I fell in love with EDM all over again.

Several years before, I was the typical basshead. I loved the heavy stuff. The more it made my heart tremble, the more I fell for it. I moved to London, toured around RinseFM, and started my journey into radio; at this point, I really began to study the roots of EDM and I learned where it all began. I became bitter and angry with those who didn’t know anything about the roots of the genre they loved so much. I was frustrated with those who wanted everything to be heavier. I was annoyed with the fact that EDM was becoming more and more commercialized. It took me awhile, but eventually my bitterness subsided and I ended up becoming proud of where the genre was going. But I wasn’t digging the new music that was being brought forward. I was becoming burnt out. The last thing I wanted to hear was another dubstep release, because I didn’t feel that anything was cutting-edge. TNGHT changed that.

I’m the type of person who says that she doesn’t like change, but in reality, if you hand me something new and it’s solid, I will latch on to it. TNGHT brought something new to me. Once I heard their EP, it went with me everywhere. I listened to it every morning. It kept me going at the gym. I had this EP on repeat, and you would think it would get old since it falls around 15 minutes in length. It didn’t. More importantly, it reminded me of what it felt like to be in love with music. I was in love with every rhythm, every beat.

This EP blew me away, and with it, I finally began to remember what my belief in EDM is and what culture is all about. EDM is more than a genre, it is a culture. We must document our cultures, and we must share their impact and influences with others. What impressed me most was TNGHT’s ability to merge genres, cultures, and mindsets, and that they were able to present that convergence as a creative and innovative piece that had yet to be brought to the table.

There’s a reason why they are working with Kanye so closely. There is a reason you hear them in commercials. There is a reason that Mike D of the Beastie Boys is listing them as an influence. TNGHT has only been active for a year and a half, and these two gentleman are making their way to the top. Their track that dropped earlier this year, “Acrylics,” kept me hopeful, and you’ve heard it on my show, EDJ, in the past.

This week, make sure to tune in to my show to hear a track off of the EP that made me fall in love with EDM all over again. TNGHT lit a fire for me, and I only hope they continue to do so.

Remember to have faith in your music. Changes are coming.


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