SXSWfm Local Artist: Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Written by Rory Burbeck | Monday, Jun 3, 2013

Letting Up Despite Great Faults hasn’t always been a local band here in Austin. The group formed in Los Angeles and released their first EP, entitled Movement, in 2006. Over the past several years, Letting Up has made the move to Austin and put out a couple of albums, with the most recent full-length, Untogether, released last October. A short review of the album by Filter Magazine says “Frontman Mike Lee creates sexy and wistful synth-pop” on Untogether. A review published on states that the band “wander closer to the dancier elements of their dreamy indie sound” while peeling back layers of noise found on their earlier works.

According to several interviews with the band, nothing in particular prompted their move to Austin last year. In an interview with The Daily Texan, Lee states that his life reached a point “where nothing was tying [him] down to LA anymore.” Although Austin isn’t known for its synth-pop bands, Letting Up Despite Great Faults adds another element to a city that already owns a vastly diverse music scene.

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